Asus Designo MZ27AQL Review 2023 – Sleek and Slim Monitor

The Asus MZ27AQL offers fantastic value to users looking for a high-quality screen with sleek and valuable features ideal for watching movies or playing games. This model is a member of the Designo family, which emphasizes a premium and elegant package packed with high-quality performance. Individuals looking for a simplified package containing all necessities will appreciate the Asus MZ27AQL and its unique speaker configuration that breaks design barriers.

Those crowds of ambiguous users who code on Mondays, write letters on Tuesdays, play games on Wednesdays, and binge-watch Netflix all weekend is addressed by the ASUS Designo MZ27AQL Ultra-slim Monitor. So, here for your feasibility, we have put together the ASUS Designo MZ27AQL Review.

Asus Designo MZ27AQL Review

ASUS Designo 27″ 1440P Monitor (MZ27AQL)


Ratings (4.3/5)

  • 27” WQHD (2560 x 1440) IPS monitor
  • Frameless panel and a 7mm-thin chassis
  • Stereo 6W speakers with 5W subwoofer
  • Ergonomic tilt, swivel, and height adjustment 
  • Flicker-free backlighting and blue light filter
  • Flexible connectivity



Asus Designo monitor size comes as a 27-inch IPS panel with a resolution of 2560 by 1440 pixels, a refresh rate of 60 frames per second, and a reaction time of 5 milliseconds. A maximum backlight brightness of 350cd/m2 is also stated and a contrast ratio of 1000:1 in the specification. Although these are not gaming-grade specifications, the bundle does offer some value for casual gamers because of the screen’s size, quality, and dedicated audio solution.

According to our colorimeter test, when it refers to imaging quality, the Asus MZ27AQL delivers impressive results. The screen can reproduce 99 percent of the sRGB gamut or around 77 percent of the Adobe RGB spectrum in its native color space. Asus MZ27AQL achieves decent accuracy after calibration, with Delta E and Gamma settling at the optimal 2.2, which is ideal for asus designo monitor intended for various tasks.


Our opinion is that the bean-tin-sized subwoofer is the most visually appealing aspect of this design. However, we believe it is also a source of distraction because the two 6W drivers incorporated into the actual monitor make the most significant difference in terms of audio quality.

These can produce a respectable level of output while also covering a wide range of frequencies so that the dreadful clipping that many display speakers produce is not as noticeable.

They also have some bass in them. However, the subwoofer is the one who shines in this department. The performance of that gadget is highly reliant on the surface on which it is placed. Because the way it vibrates the desktop significantly impacts the quality of the contribution, whether it is positive or negative.

It would not make much of a difference on a softwood table, but on a solid surface, the audio resonates considerably more. It may require some trial and error before you achieve the best results.

Frameless Design


The Designo MZ27AQL is a beautiful addition to any living area. This ultra-slim laptop has a profile that measures just 7mm at its thinnest point and diminutive footprint. The frameless design of the Designo MZ27AQL ensures a magnificent viewing experience, whether the monitor is used alone or in a multi-display configuration.

Viewing Angles


The Designo MZ27AQL is equipped with 178° wide-view technology across its horizontal and vertical planes, allowing you to enjoy stunning sights from practically any angle possible.

Flicker-free Technology


It is time to say goodbye to those pinched and tired eyes. As a result of Flicker-Free technology, you will have a more comfortable and movie marathon-ready viewing experience on your television screen. It is intended to reduce the effects of eyestrain, headaches, and eye fatigue when you spend long periods in front of a computer screen.

Precision to the Smallest of Details

Asus Designo Mz27Aql Precision To The Smallest Of Details

In addition to having a WQHD (2560 x 1440) resolution, the Designo MZ27AQL shows 77 percent more pixels than standard Full HD monitors, providing outstanding picture quality and explicit imagery for a beautifully detailed viewing experience Designo MZ27AQL. You can also work more effortlessly and comfortably with less scrolling and zooming because of the increased screen real estate provided by the increased screen size.

Image Quality


When it comes to imaging quality, the Asus MZ27AQL delivers impressive results, according to our colorimeter test. The screen can reproduce 99 percent of the sRGB gamut or around 77 percent of the Adobe RGB spectrum in its native color space. Asus MZ27AQL achieves decent accuracy after calibration, with Delta E and Gamma settling at the optimal 2.2, which is excellent for a monitor intended for various tasks.

Pixel-to-Pixel Response

We should expect some blurring or ghosting because the pixel response is a little slower than we are accustomed to, especially considering this is a 60Hz panel. Fortunately, the Asus MZ27AQL contains an Overdrive feature that will assist you if any of these issues arise throughout your device use. As is typically the case, we recommend that you avoid using excessive acceleration because advanced ghosting or overshoot may occur.

Speakers and Sound Quality


Alternatively, because there are few circumstances in which it can operate optimally, the performance of the cup-sized tiny woofer is in doubt. To achieve the best sound absorption, users must pick a surface with the appropriate blend of hardness and flexibility. Plastic and metal tabletops vibrate excessively due to the bass, but a wood table muffles the sound to some extent.

A good comparison is a set of entry-level speakers from Logitech or Creative, which produce a similar sound quality. A midrange set would be preferable, of course. Still, we have to concede that the Harman Kardon 2.1 speaker set in the Asus MZ27AQL is more than adequate for necessary entertainment applications such as casual gaming and movie watching.

[su_note note_color=”#EAF0F9″ text_color=”#000000″]Check out our detail guide on Best ASUS Monitor Settings for Gaming [/su_note]



Everything about the Asus MZ27AQL shouts elegance, and this extends to the ring-shaped metal stand, which has been precisely crafted to complement the rest of the design. Those who are set on purchasing this model will be trapped with this component because the slim profile is not robust and durable enough to support a full-featured stand or VESA mounting. It is a shame that you can’t push the screen against the wall because of these restrictions, but Asus had no choice but to implement this solution to maintain the Designo aesthetic concept.

Additional Characteristics

We also enjoy the accessories that come with the Asus MZ27AQL, even though it comes in a middle-of-the-road package with rated capabilities. The OSD, which is operated by the joystick, includes valuable extras such as an Eye Test feature, which displays you with optical charts, and a QuickFit scaling tool, which anticipates print sizes. Color filters and an LBL mode for eye protection are also included in the package and the regular splendid features from Asus.

Customer Service

Customers can return any damaged or dead monitor within 30 days by claiming a full refund. Amazon has the right to check the truthfulness of these claims, and if the claims turn out to be false, Amazon takes a fee equal to 15% of the product sales price from the customer.

Amazon will not entertain any claims after 30 days. If a customer wants to return the product after 30 days, even if the monitor is dead or damaged, Amazon will not be responsible.


  • Eye care technology
  • Great refresh rate
  • Ultra-slim Frameless Design


  • It needs to be mounted


In addition to offering superb image quality and features, the Asus MZ27AQL also includes a unique yet acceptable-sounding speaker set that cannot be found anywhere else. The monitor is an excellent choice for individuals who require a space-saving option that performs wonderfully in both the visual and audio components of the task at hand. Even though placement can be a little complicated, it is not impossible to achieve with a bit of experimentation and testing. Price is the most crucial element to consider when purchasing the Asus MZ27AQL, which is currently hovering around the $400 mark at this writing.

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Display Type:LED
Screen Size:27 inches
Item weight:10.40 pounds
Display Resolution:2560 × 1440 pixels
Refresh Rate:60 hertz
Aspect Ratio:16:9
HDMI Ports:two

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