ASUS VG27VQ TUF Gaming Monitor Review 2023

Do you get confused while selecting a gaming computer? It is a natural reaction when it comes to such an investment. When anyone talks about gaming, it is impossible not to discuss ASUS. It has given a masterpiece of ASUS VG27VQ TUF monitor to the gaming industry.

It has exceptionally low input lag, and it features FreeSync variable refresh rate technology to ensure a tear-free gaming experience. Moreover, the competitive gamers would like to go for a high refresh rate monitor because of the fast response time and picture per second.

If you are planning to get yourself a gaming computer, this Asus TUF vg27vq review will help you clear your queries regarding Asus vg27vq specs.

ASUS VG27VQ Review



Ratings (4.5/5)


 27” Curved Monitor, 1080P Full HD Gaming Monitor

  • 27” Full HD gaming monitor with 165Hz refresh rate
  • Low motion blur (elmb) technology
  • Asus Eye Care technology
  • Asus Shadow Boost Technology 
  • Flexible connectivity options

Design and Ergonomics


The VG27VQ monitor for gaming comes in a black design with super matte plastic used for the rear enclosure, bezel, arm, and base. Moreover, there are a few small areas of red trim on the sides of the stand from where it attaches to the base. Except that, the screen features a thin bezel across the four sides. There is a thin black panel border of around 2mm following the sides and peak and 1.55mm in length at the bottom.

Comprehensively, all borders of the monitor look thin and sleek. You can also witness the silver Asus logo in the middle bottom bezel, and on the right bottom edge, you can see grey labels for control buttons that are located behind the monitor on the right-hand side.

The arms of the stand feature a matte black plastic finish and connect to the back of the screen. They do not disconnect easily; you have to unscrew them if you want to remove them. However, the back of the monitor is closed in matte black plastic. You can also see the joystick on the left side at the back. Its design perfectly complements the gaming background.

Power Consumption

Power consumption is an issue to consider because it becomes difficult to manage when the bills rise to the range. Asus vg27vq is a well-known gaming computer because of its low energy consumption. If you compare this unit to other units of the same size and same refresh rate, this will consume less energy comparably.

Panel and Backlighting


Best setting Asus vg27vq specs include AU optronics M270Q008 AHVA technology panel. This is an exceptional and unique panel to other high refresh rate IPS screens you would have seen to date. Moreover, it looks like it may be a custom module for this unit. It may be due to the new ELMB-sync technology.

Screen Coating

Asus Tuf Vg27Vq Screen Coating

This is a light anti-glare offering. However, it is not a semi-glossy coating, but it is a light that can be seen on other advanced IPS sort panels. Fortunately, it is not a heavily grainy coating, and it is also lightweight than modern TN film panel coating. However, it sustains anti-glare features to prevent so many undesired reflections on the shiny coating but does not leave too dirty an image that other thicker AG coatings can.

Backlight Type and Colour Gamut

Asus Tuf Vg27Vq Backlight Type And Colour Gamut

The Asus TUF vg27vq review tells you that the screen utilizes a W-LED backlight that is pretty common in today’s market. Moreover, it facilitates in reducing the energy consumption as compared to older CCFL backlight systems. Furthermore, it brings some environmental benefits as well.

The W-LED unit also provides a standard colour gamut that, according to the spec, covers 99% of the RGB gamut.

Display Performance


Response time and overdrive modes play a crucial role in the display performance of the monitor. There are typically 6 overdrive modes available. These modes have the range from 0 to 100 with segregation of 20 and with the default setting of 60 while having the monitor fixed at the maximum refresh rate, which is 165HZ. However, 0 to 40 modes are pretty slow and do not give much overshoot, but it gets interesting in the upper three modes.

Key Features

Asus vg27vq ratings and review guides you about the key features that you need to consider while getting one for yourself. Let’s walk through them.



We understand the competitive features daunting you while selecting a gaming computer; this is why we bring you the ASUS TUF vg27vq review to clear your queries. Its appealing features never fail to impress and give an exceptional experience to its user. If you are willing to get a gaming computer, it is the best to consider as it will complement the graphics of high-end games. Moreover, its aesthetic design never fails to impress the user. 

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Refresh rate: 165Hz
Brand: ASUS
Screen size: 27”
Screen surface: curved
Screen area: 23.53 x 13.23 inches
Curvature: 1500R
Touch screen: no
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Panel type: VA LCD
Aspect ratio: 16:09
Pixels per inch: 81ppi
Maximum brightness: 400cd/m2

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