Asus VZ279HE Review – Everything You Need To Know

Were you searching for the perfect monitor screen for your weekend shows, games, and programs? A screen that helps you move further and faster in the media world? It’s an arduous choice to pick the best monitor which consists of all the features and quality that you are looking for.

There are many models of the monitor available which provide a tough choice to get the most eligible one. People spend a ton of money on the monitors to buy a faultless one. But of course, that requires help, indeed!

Here, we have got you a brand new monitor Asus VZ279HE, which is an upgraded model with advanced features. The clear and widescreen of this monitor makes everything a joy.

Its full HD and eye care technology built-in reduces the eye strain and allows a smoother viewing experience.

What else could be better than getting the monitor of your choice? Let’s solve your problem further; this review will certainly make it clearer, easier and will definitely provide a satisfactory purchase!

Asus VZ279HE Review


(Ratings 4.6/5)

27” Full HD 1080p IPS Eye Care Monitor with HDMI and VGA

  • HD resolution
  • Frameless design
  • Eyecare technology
  • Multi-display
  • Flexible connectivity
  • Flat-screen display
  • 178/178 degrees viewing angle

Buying an Asus VZ279HE will be the right choice for those who want a perfect monitor for gaming and watching favorite shows.

But there are many things that one can find out regarding the features and quality of the monitor. The below review of Asus VZ279HE will make it obvious that you are buying the perfect monitor for your work. Learning more about Asus VZ279HE monitor features will let you decide easily!


Asus Vz279He Display

The display screen of the Asus VZ279HE monitor is unbelievably awesome. The screen size of this beauty monitor is about 27 inches, and it provides a quick response time of about 5ms.

It performs well for fast and thrilling gaming sessions. This monitor screen is ergonomics in nature which reduces the chances of damage. Its screen is radically slim and provides a sleek and satiny experience.

The display brightness of this monitor screen is about 250 cd/m2 and provides extraordinary clear crystal colors. The resolution power (1920 x 1080) is quite powerful, which provides a real-life experience.

The video’s display is just as if it will pop out of the screen. The contrast ratio of this monitor is 80000000, which provides a distinct and shrewd image display.

Ergonomic Nature


Its ergonomic nature and a space-saving slim design make it more demanding. It is best for office work, gaming sessions, and for watching your favorite shows.

It has an adjustable lifter, which lifts it up according to the level of your interest. A cable lock is also attached to the surface, making it more secure for comfortable working. It has an automatic setting of light adjustments of the screen according to the day and night.

Interfaces and Ports


The interfaces and ports of the Asus VZ279HE are very feeble to use and work on. It consists of different inputs like DVI, HDMI, Dual-Link DVI, and DisplayPort.

This monitor has a protection system and right management as well, such as the HDCP. It provides the USB and other D-sub input port connections, which allow the external devices to connect to the monitor screen.

This allows one to watch shows, movies and play games that you have already downloaded.

Ultra Slim Design


People mostly prefer to get a monitor which has a slim design as it provides a classy look. The Asus VZ279HE has a thin design which is best for console gaming.

At its thinnest point, it is about 7 mm, which provides an aesthetic view. It has a frameless design that provides a smaller gap between the screen and displays a unified picture.

It provides a better and wide viewing angle. The best thing about this monitor is that it provides eye care technology, which minimizes eyestrain.

Multi-Display Setup


This suitable frameless design is best for multi-display setups, which increases its requirements. It can be used for games, work, watching shows, and movies.

You can also attach the screen with it and can work combining both screens by using the input port. The two screens provide an immersive experience and provide a broader area for working. Its frameless design allows the screen to be attached as close as it can.

Ultra-Slim Profile


Because of its thin and slim design, it weighs lighter. It can be easily fit in any space since its sleek design (frameless) can be adjusted anywhere.

Its matte finishing presents a unique and attractive look. It is a slim bezel of about 2 mm thick. It provides a smooth and calm experience while you work on it or watch movies of your choice. Its lightweight makes it portable, which provides easy shifting from place to place.

Eye Care Technology


One of the most important features of the Asus VZ279HE is its eye care technology. Eye care technology protects the eyes from eye strain. No matter how long you are using the screen, it shields your eyes from hurting.

Actually, it consists of blue light filters which protect the eyes. This feature makes it more ideal while you are choosing to get the monitor of your concern. It will also save your eyes from fatigue and will let you work for a longer period of time.

Contrast, Brightness, and Sharpness

Asus Vz279He Contrast Brightness Sharpness

In this monitor, you can adjust the color and the brightness according to your will. It provides a soft and smooth screen display. You can make the display more vibrant by increasing the brightness. More colors will add a thrilling experience and a bright colorful display. And it also enhances the quality of the image displayed. You can check the graphics and set them accordingly.

There is also a dark display on the screen, which allows a clear view of the text. You can also brighten those areas for a clearer and visible view. Its screen features allow the accurate and enjoyable editing of pictures and videos. You can also use this monitor for professional work because of its amazing screen display features.

Flicker-Free Technology


This technology basically occurs in the Asus VZ279HE to provide a smooth view and reduce eye strain. The Flicker-free technology extends your duration of working and prevents headaches and fatigue.

Even if you stare at the screen for long, it will cause no damage to your eyes. It adjusts the brightness according to the light. You can increase or decrease brightness which provides easy visibility to the screen.

Quick Function

This monitor works quickly and displays the videos and pictures fastly and speedily. At the same time, the display size of the documents and photos on the monitor screen is accessible.

It is best for gaming, as its display area is quite wide and broader. Its work is enhanced by the perfect color display. It provides an amazing result to the user. It displays things straightly and truly.



Do eye care monitors work?

Working all day long on the monitor can cause eye strain, and it will hurt your eyes. This will lead to fatigue, headache, and pain in the eyes. For such problems, eye care monitors work best. Despite how long you work, the eye care monitor will protect your eyes from eye strain and pain.

What is Asus eye care technology?

The eye care technology in Asus monitors prevents causes that one can face from prolonged use of the monitor screens. This technology protects the user’s eyes and keeps them healthy, and avoids damaging them. This feature is the best one of the Asus VZ279HE monitors.

Is Asus a good monitor company?

Asus is one of the biggest companies that manufacture the amazing monitor screen. A variety of options are available, while one can grab the best one for them. These are well-built monitors and provide high-quality performance.

Why is the Asus monitor blurry?

No, the Asus monitor is not blurry. If someone is facing this problem, then they might check its display settings. These monitors are of high resolution and provide a wider and clear view. The display setting will surely solve your problem.


Hopefully, this review made it more clearer for you to grab the Asus VZ279HE for the perfect screen workout. One can’t resist them from getting this monitor and getting an outstanding featured screen.

Make your weekend more enjoyable by using the Asus VZ279HE monitor and working for hours without worrying about your eyes. It provides a high-resolution display which gives a perfect and calming vibe. So what are you waiting for? Go and get yours now!

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