Best Monitor Size For 1440p – Updated Guide 2023

You must have wondered about the ideal size of a gaming monitor with different types of screen resolutions – as there are a plethora of features that impact your gaming performance, including display size.

Since screen resolution really influences the accuracy of images, gamers tend to be largely inclined towards it. Moreover, the ideal size of the screen is preferably different for different people out there.

Nevertheless, it can be decided based on the screen resolution. That said, we have compiled an informative guide to help you know the best monitor size for 1440p and for a few other resolutions as well. 

On that note, let’s begin with that:


Monitor Size Comparison for 1440p Resolution


Here we’ll have an overview of all the different size ranges of gaming monitors available on the market, and find out the best-suited size for 1440p gaming. This is for the reason that some of the sizes of gaming displays might not be capable of handling 1440p effectively, and as a consequence, you may have to face poor image quality.

So with that being said, let’s consider the different size ranges for 1440p resolution and see why not these display sizes do perfectly for this much screen resolution. On that note, let’s get started with our comparison!

Here we go:

24 to 25-Inch Gaming Monitor:


Since people are more and more getting inclined towards having ultra-big, gigantic monitors these days, it’s high time that we review two of the common sizes for display, i.e. 24 inches monitor and 25 inches monitor.

So starting off with a 24-inch display size as your regular monitor, it can save a lot of your desktop space. In addition to that, you can have it while you want to build up a multi-monitor setup. Or put simply, you can have it as your second monitor. However, some people might find it extra small.

With that being said, that was something related to personal use. If you are to have 24 inches or 25 inches monitor as your gaming display, then the following are the benefits you’re going to get: 

You can play fast-paced, competitive games conveniently. Moreover, these monitors run exceptionally well with a 1080p screen resolution. This is because this relatively low resolution puts less load on GPU to generate enough FPS. And as a result of that, you get to have tear-free, crystal-clear images. 

Had it been higher resolution with this screen size range, the load on GPU and monitor would have doubled – resulting in bad picture quality. So turns out that 24 and 25-inch gaming displays are not that good for 1440p resolution.

27-Inch Gaming Display


So here we get to the other size range that is available for gaming displays, the 27 inches of size. We will talk about it in detail later, but here we’ll have a brief mention of the 27-inch monitor regarding it being a perfect monitor size for 1440p.

With that being said, let’s just have a quick sneak peek of it just for the sake of this comparison. A 27-inch monitor gives perfect VRR support, extra fast refresh rate, and exceptional motion-handling features, for a remarkable gaming experience. You get less dense and crisper images.

32-Inch Gaming Monitor

32 Inch Gaming Display

Coming to the ultrawide size for your gaming display, it is the sweet spot for 4k gaming. With the rapid ongoing advancement in this field, every gamer aspires to reach the level of perfection, which is only delivered by 4k UHD. And for that, nothing but a bigger, 32-inch gaming monitor can do the best in this regard.

With that being said, chances are that there’d be less to no saturation while displaying brighter and crisp images. Apart from that, it offers a plethora of quirky features that takes gaming to another level. Nevertheless, for 2k gaming, it might be a little extra big and hence you may see a performance drop, especially in image quality.

What Is Ideal Monitor Size for 1440p Gaming

Ideal Monitor Size For 1440P Gaming

So our previous comparison conveniently leads us to the actual point of discussion, which is the perfect monitor size for 1440p resolution. That said, let’s get started with that:

As per the expert opinion and consumer reviews in this regard, a 27-inch monitor is regarded as the best monitor size for 2K gaming. It might also be noted that 2k here refers to 1440p resolution as usually such displays work at a resolution of 2560×1440

With that being mentioned one of the reasons for having 27 inches as ideal for 1440p is that it is widely available in gaming monitors range and is also, particular to their performance. 

Aside from that, the refresh rate value in 27 inches monitor is comparatively high and thus you can have a responsive gaming experience. Moreover, the VRR support in 27-inch gaming displays is also high enough to reduce screen defects like tearing, stuttering, etc.

In a similar context, most of the 27 inches gaming displays have highly adaptive FreeSync technology enabled, which gives an extra responsive gaming experience. With that aside, some of the high-end 27-inch monitors feature G-Sync as well. So that simply boosts the performance level of such displays.

Apart from that, when compared to the giant, 32 to 38 inches monitors as gaming displays, the 27-inch size seems pretty reasonable – as it saves a lot of space for you on the desktop. Besides, unlike 24 or 25-inch monitors, it isn’t extra compact to an extent that your visibility gets affected. 

Moreover, most of the 27-inch monitors feature options for hassle-free connectivity. You can conveniently plug different peripherals in and out of the display, in order to increase productivity. 

So precisely, a 27-inch gaming monitor tends to be the sweet spot for 1440p gaming as its extensive compatibility enables an immersive gaming experience.


  1. Is 1440p resolution too low for a 32-inch monitor?

    The monitors can be regarded as best based on their size. In addition to that, the ideal size for a gaming monitor is typically determined by the screen resolution. So with that said, if the monitor resolution equals 1080p, then the ideal size for a monitor is said to be 24 inches. 

  2. Is 1440p good for 24 inches?

    As mentioned earlier, a 24-inch monitor size is an ideal case for 1080p resolution. However, in the case of 1440p, you would get enough performance advantages, but it won’t match the accuracy and perfection that a 27-inch monitor would offer.

  3. What is the best monitor size for competitive gaming?

    If you love to play competitive games more often, then simply you need to have a normal size, 24 to 25 inches gaming display by your side. That would give you enough space to have complete focus everywhere.
    In addition to that, your field of vision increases enough with this size range as you can keep an eye on maps and opponents easily. Moreover, for fast-paced gaming, you get to have an immersive experience while having a monitor of this size range.

  4. Is 27 inches gaming monitor too small 1080p?

    For the 1080p resolution of the screen setting, 24 inches of display size is going to be perfect as it would give you enough space to view accurate and precise images. However, a 27-inch monitor is best recommended with a 1440p resolution.

Final Verdict

So this brings us to the end of our discussion on the best monitor size for 1440p gaming. Considering all the aspects of different sizes of gaming displays and comparing them with the other essentials of gaming, we can conclude that for 2k gaming, nothing gets any better than a 27-inch ultimate gaming monitor.

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