What is the Best Monitor Size for Office Work in 2023?

Did you know? “ Having the right monitor for office work could increase your productivity to a whole new level.”

Yeah, we are not joking around! Imagine working tirelessly from home for like 8 to 12 hours while looking at small laptop screens.

Contrary to your productivity, it will cause eye strain and would surely impact the way you work.

Hence, to make sure that you maintain your productivity, we are here to guide you about the best monitor size for office work.

Moreover, we will also focus on some other features such as screen resolution, connectivity, and overall design to consider before making the final whistle.

Let’s start the discussion, without any further ado:

What Monitor Size is Best For Office Work?


The question sounds rather vague as choosing the right monitor depends upon many factors.

However, from recent studies and research, we have finally come to an agreement that monitor sizes ranging from 22” to 29” are deemed perfect for office work.

You could have a go at choosing large monitors, but for that purpose, you will need to focus on the workplace space you have got.

22” or bigger monitors offer a large working interface. You can use such monitors to do multitasking, share files with your employer, or even utilize them for entertainment purposes in your spare time.

What Monitor Size Do Majority Office People Use?


People who have shifted to remote working interface have to remain active and work continuously for a long time.
According to our studies, they mainly go for 24” monitors.
First of all, a 24” monitor can easily get adjusted even in a limited space. Cherry on top is that “24-Inch monitors are quite affordable”.

You heard that right! Landing a reliable 24” monitor with a good refresh rate and aesthetic design will not cost you more than $200 in many cases.
Even if you choose a monitor from a reliable manufacturer such as Samsung, it will not cross the $200 mark.
So, 24-Inch monitor size is simply the standard for people who want to increase their productivity during working hours.

What is the Best Monitor Size for Programming Work?


People who are involved in IT-related or programming jobs require a bigger working interface as they have to deal with multitasking.

For that purpose, we recommend getting a monitor with at least a 30” size. It will enhance your viewing perspective and would help you with operating multiple programs at once.

What About Large Sized Monitors?


Not necessary as a 24 or 27 inch monitor for office work is more than okay.
But here is a catch:

“If you are a cinephile or someone who loves watching sports like soccer, football, or basketball on a big screen, then a large size monitor would come in handy.”

Mind you that a monitor could go as large as up to 50” and such devices are mostly used by professional gamers and content creators.

But, if you have the budget, proper space, and you have a thing for entertainment, we would suggest getting a large sized monitor for office work.

That’s all about choosing the right monitor size for office work!
But the story does not end here!

Take a look at some other important factors you should consider before getting a perfect monitor for office work:

Other Factors to Consider:

1. Screen Design:

Monitors have come a long way with evolution of design and shape.
If you remember your childhood, the only computer monitor shape available at that time was rectangular.

Sneak peek to 2021, and we now have monitors with curved shapes available in the market.
On top of that, advanced devices now have ultra-thin bezels to enhance the viewing perspective of a user.

So, although the rectangular shape is still a standard, we would suggest you consider curved monitors and see how they increase your productivity.

2. Screen Resolution:

Screen resolution matters the most, especially when you want to invest in a monitor for office work.

The standard resolution these days for a monitor to work just fine is full HD 1080p or 1920×1080. This resolution will work fine for small sizes, i.e., from 24” to 27”.

But, if you want to opt for large monitors, make sure that their resolution is high.

In that scenario, you will have a go at resolutions like 2K Quad HD (2560×1440), 4K Ultra HD (3840×2160), and WQHD (3440×1440).

In short, if you want to get a monitor ranging from 24” to 27”, full HD resolution will do just fine for you. However, if you want to go bigger than 27”, then we recommend at least a 4K UHD monitor for office work.

3. Ergonomics of the Monitor:

A monitor designed ergonomically for the users could increase productivity to a whole new level.

On the contrary, if you do not pay heed towards the ergonomics, it will bear consequences big time.

In that aspect, make sure that you get a monitor that comes with height adjustability and tilting options.

More precisely, it should align with your posture and height to ensure an improved working interface and result in enhanced productivity.

4. Safety and Well-Being:

Working continuously while looking at the monitor’s screen all the time could result in eyesight weakness and strain, etc.

To avoid issues like that, get yourself a monitor with anti-glare properties. Similarly, it should come with anti-flickering technology and emit reduced blue light.

This way, you will remain on the safer side and enjoy working for a long time without fatiguing your eyes too much.

5. Connectivity:

Connecting the monitor either with a PC or a laptop will become a headache if you do not focus on the connectivity options it offers.

First things first, check the connectivity ports of your laptop. Normally it will have HDMI, USB-C, and Thunderbolt ports available.

Then, choose your monitor with recommended connectivity. Many monitors these days offer connectivity via HDMI and USB-C.

So, pay good attention towards this aspect to avoid any problem while choosing a monitor in near future.

6. Energy Saving:

Monitors certified from Energy Star or EPEAT could cut you some slack on your annual electricity bills.

If your monitor usage as an employee is more than 8 hours, we would recommend choosing a device that offers saving on electricity bills.

7. Refresh Rate:

Refresh rate mostly matters for gamers who want a smooth gaming perspective.

But, it could come in handy for freelancers, programmers, video editors, and filmmakers.

Choosing a monitor with an excellent refresh rate would offer a smooth movement and will enhance your viewing experience.

A 144Hz refresh rate monitor would be more than enough for you no matter if you are a videographer, gamer, or programmer working at home or office.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which monitor is best for office use?

A monitor with at least a 24” size, excellent refresh rate, height and tilt ability, curved shape, and at least a full HD resolution is best for office use. Brands like Samsung, ASUS, and BenQ offer the best office monitors with justified price tags as well.

How big should my monitor be for work?

Depends upon the space you have available on your desk mostly. However, a 24” monitor will go perfectly for working purposes even if you’ve got little space to adjust it at home. For programmers, freelancers, and video editors, the suggestion is to go as big as 30” or more if possible.

Is a 21-inch monitor big enough for work?

Something is better than nothing, right? A 21” monitor is surely bigger than a laptop’s screen and could become a good option for working purposes. But, we would suggest increasing the size, especially if you do not feel comfortable while working on a 21-inch monitor.

Final Takeaways: The Best Monitor Size for Office Work

Many factors come into work apart from the size while looking out for an office monitor.

However, size and resolution matter the most and for that purpose, you must invest in a good 24 to 27” monitor with at least a full HD resolution.

Other factors such as excellent refresh rate, ergonomics, connectivity, and shape also have a part in making the final decision.

That’s all about sharing insights regarding the right monitor size.

Keep these recommendations in mind and make your choice accordingly!

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