How Long Do Monitors Last? [Computer Monitor Longevity]

It is quite difficult to cope up with the changing trends and new innovations that are being introduced in the world of information technology. Things are getting quite expensive and hence people are more cautious now.

There are many new fields now that are linked directly to the technology sector and people working in this field have to update their devices every now and then. One thing that can be used for a long period of time is the monitor screen they own. However, it is very important to figure it out that for how long a monitor screen can be used. 

If figures are to be believed, then on average a monitor that is being used for a period of 8 months can last up to a maximum of 60,000 hours which is quite enough. 

Important Factors to Determine how long do monitors last

There are various factors that can help people to determine the estimated months or years a monitor can last. Some of the most important factors are listed below: 

Brand Admiration


The most important factor that can help people decide the monitor they wish to purchase depends on the brand name. The more famous the brand is the better its overall quality and lifespans would be as they ensure to retain their customers as much as possible by delivering quality products.

Small brands are likely to invest in cheap products and parts hence they are likely to sell cheap goods that can be used for a short period of time. Big brands have to focus on their reputation hence they prefer to invest in better quality products. 


Strong build is another important factor as if the build of the monitor is strong and durable them it is going to last for a very long period of time. The build of a device is also dependent on the type of material used. A strong build monitor is usually more expensive than a lighter one hence it is advised that one should invest in something that can last for a number of years rather than a number of months. 

The components used should be durable as that is what holds a monitor together and helps it to function properly. Strong components can help the monitor to resist strong and regular usage no matter how rough it is. 

The hours of usage also determines the lifetime of a monitor as everything comes with an expiry date. In the world of technology, the expiry date is dependent on the way a product is used.

Timely Maintenance

It is very important for the devices to get their maintenance and service done in a timely manner or else they will expire way before their anticipated date. Quality and quantity of care matters a lot for everything hence one should take care of it as much as possible. 

Planned Obsolescence

The thing that everyone should bear in mind that every device is designed keeping in mind its expiry date or planned obsolescence. Once that particular timeframe is over the device is likely to be of no use. Hence, one should try to ensure that the device works for a long period of time rather than dying down within a year or months after its purchase. 

Ways to Ensure that the Monitor Works Longer

People who invest in a monitor are of a view that it is going to be used for a long period of time. However, they tend to forget that electronics work perfectly till they are taken care of.

Misuse if any devise will result in an early demise. Hence, there are a few steps that can be followed to ensure that the monitor works for a longer timeframe. The steps are mentioned below: 

Keep Your Space Clean

It is pivotal for any electronic, no matter how big or small it is to be cleaned after use and to be kept in a safe and secure place.

Not only the work area but the monitor should be kept clean all the time. The more the dust accumulates on your monitor that more it will cause trouble in its functioning. The table on which the monitor is placed should be stable and it should be placed at a distance from other things in your room.

Restrain From Using Liquids Near Montior

Avoid eating or drinking near your monitor as accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. It is always better to be safe rather than taking a risk that can cost you a lot of money in return. Food items especially liquid can easily spill and penetrate deeper into the system thus causing trouble in its functioning. 

Always Use Surge Protectors

A lot of experts have suggested that people should use surge protectors rather than plugging it directly into the socket. Electricity fluctuations can happen anytime and it can have a negative impact on the functioning of your system. If the system is plugged through a surge protector, then it can ensure its safety. It can help regulate the flow of electricity in a much more convenient manner. 

Prevent From Placing Stuff Around Air Vents

Furthermore, one should also make sure that the air vents are not blocked as if the vents are blocked then the heat will build inside which will be detrimental for your monitor. Make sure that the vents are open all the time especially when the system is being used. 

Don’t Switch It On and Off

People are in a habit of switching off their monitor after every use. One should avoid doing this as it is going to have an adverse impact on its functioning as well as its components.

The best way is to switch off the computer through the shutdown option rather than shutting it down from the power socket again and again. Turning it off again and again will not allow the monitor to reach its optimum level before it can be used for its functioning again. 

Reagular Maintenance And Cleaning


Everything needs cleanliness and maintenance hence just like a car is taken for its maintenance at least once or twice a month, similarly a monitor should also be taken for its maintenance quite often as it will help it to function for a long time without causing any problems in between. 


Can a monitor last for more than 10 years?

A monitor can last for a long period of time as a part of its health depends on how it is maintained and used over the years. It is very important to make sure that the computer system is taken for its maintenance or cleanliness sessions quite often.

When can I change my monitor?

There is no specific timeframe to change the monitor screen as much of it depends on the needs and requirements of the user. However, if someone needs to upgrade then it can be changed after a period of 3-4 years.

Is it okay to leave the monitor on for a long period of time?

Experts suggest that if the monitor is used throughout the day but at intervals then it is best to keep it in. One should avoid turning off the monitor screen every now and then. The system needs some time to cool down before it is turned on again.

How can one identify that their monitor is dying down?

The easiest way to identify is through the way your monitor screen reacts when it is in use. If the screen is blinking or flickering, then it needs to be changed. Or if the screen takes a lot of time to turn on or it has extremely bad pixels then it needs to be changed immediately.

What to do if my monitor screen turns black?

If monitor screen has gone black, then one should visit the nearest maintenance outlet as they can help identify the exact problem and might offer the solution right there and then. If the monitor can no longer be fixed, then they are likely to figure it out in the spur of the moment. If the monitor screen is dead, then it is better to sell the screen rather than throwing it in a trash bin.

Final Takeaway

It is not that difficult to ensure that the monitor runs for a long period of time. The tips and tricks mentioned above are the main key that can help you in achieving this goal. A computer is a device that should be treated with care and for that timely maintenance and service is needed.

If a system is causing trouble, then the first signal should not be avoided under any circumstances. One small signal leads to a bigger problem so it’s better to solve the smaller one rather than dealing with a bigger one. 

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