HP VH240a Monitor Review 2023 – Everything You Need To Know

HP VH240a is an excellent choice for home and office use. Out of many budget display options, this monitor stands out most because of its price to performance ratio. From sRGB coverage to versatile ergonomics and image quality, this monitor outplays all the other options available in this price range.

Along with many cool features, the monitor comes with a few limitations like limited port selection and fewer color adjustment options. If you are planning to buy HP VH240a, give a read to this review. I’ve composed this in-depth review after testing this monitor for its features and performance.


HP VH240a Monitor Review

HP VH240a


Ratings (4.7/5)


23.8-Inch Full HD 1080p IPS LED Monitor

  • 23.8-inch Full HD monitor
  • 5ms with overdrive
  • Integrated audio speakers
  • Thin Bezel-Less Frame
  • 4-WAY Ergonomic Viewing Angle
  • VESA mounting pattern
  • Flexible Connectivity
For gaming8
Picture quality9
Screen quality8.4

Design Ergonomics

HP VH240A is a 24-inch monitor that measures around 19.7×21.2×8.6 inches and weighs 10.3 pounds. The monitor is packed with supreme ergonomics and comfort features. For instance, its highly adjustable and versatile support stand offers height, pivot, and tilt adjustment.

You can adjust the monitor heights up to 5-inches and perform tilt adjustment within 30-degrees to make it perfect for any platform and get the most appropriate viewing angles. In addition to adjustable ergonomics, you get a VESA mounting option that lets you mount the monitor on a wall through an adjustable arm/bracket.

Also, the pivot and tilt adjustment offer quick and facilitated access to the display ports given at the back. Then comes the most impressive part of its design, the bezels. HP VH240a features the thinnest bezels in class(1.5-inch) and a matte black finish frame giving it a perfect look.

Screen Resolution And Aspect Ratio

This monitor employs an IPS display with an aspect ratio of 16:9 and a full HD resolution of 1080×1920. The resolution and aspect ratio looks good against a 24-inch IPS screen, but we cannot rank it as the best.

These features put it in the office-display category. The panel’s pixel density is 90 pixels per inch, which minimizes the screen graininess and offers an overall smooth viewing experience.

Viewing Angle

The monitor has 178-degree viewing angles both vertically and horizontally, which is probably the most standout part of the display. This feature helps in minimizing the color distortion and loss of luminance. In this way, you feel minimum color posterization and glare even when viewed from ultra skewed viewing angles.

Refresh Rate

The monitor’s refresh rate refers to how many times a screen refreshes itself to adjust to new image frames. With a refresh rate of 60 Hz and 12.8-millisecond input lag, this monitor offers a buttery smooth display for casual office or home takes. The short import lag coupled with FHD resolution and 60 Hz refresh rate offers decent image quality.

It results in medium screen tearing while streaming and editing HD videos and light gaming. However, you need a refresh rate of 100+ HZ and the shortest input lag for serious gaming and video editing tasks. Therefore it is a less attractive option for serious gaming and professional video editing tasks.

Color Space

Color gamut describes the range of colors within a given spectrum, and the quality of display largely depends on this feature. HP HV240a features a 72% sRGB color gamut. It is a standard color gamut used in entry-level display options and offers a good range of colors for light-duty applications.

So again, for professional use, you cannot rely on the 72% color gamut since, for high-end video editing and gaming, a 100% color gamut is required. The sRGB color gamut features the default settings for browsing imagery and digital images. However, for best image quality, you need to perform some critical alterations.

Audio Performance

HP HV240a delivers decent audio performance. It comes with built-in two-watt speakers, and the sound quality was pretty okay for most of the users. Although it lacks the crispiest details, the clear mids, lows, and highs make it quite impressive for movies and almost all music genres.

Also, it comes with an ⅛-inch auxiliary port as an audio input which further enhances the monitor’s versatility. Since it is an excellent display for light gaming, you can pair it up with high-quality headphones to achieve the best sound experience.

Ports And Connectivity

Sports selection is a bit disappointing, and it offers only three ports, including an HDMI, VGA, and audio input ⅛ inch auxiliary post. The lack of a USB port limits its versatility and usability in modern atmospheres.

Moreover, it is a plug-and-play model for all windows and MAC OS devices. Remember, for MacBook Pro 2016 and later models; you need a USB or thunderbolt adapter to create a connection.

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  • Sturdy and adjustable frame
  • Excellent Color coverage(sRGB-72%)
  • 100% compatibility with VESA mounting
  • Bezel-less frame
  • Wide viewing angles
  • Energy-star certified


  • Only 1-year warranty
  • Low-quality speakers


Is the HP VH240a monitor good for gaming?

HP V240 a is an entry-level display that offers a 24-inch IPS panel and 1080p resolution with a refresh rate of 60 Hz and 12.5 ms input lag. It performs well for casual gaming. However, for serious gaming, a higher contrast, shorter input lag, and higher refresh rate are desirable, and it is the less attractive option for gaming.

Does the HP VH240a monitor have speakers?

Yes, HP VH240a comes with built-in 2-watt speakers. These speakers are not of the highest quality but deliver decent and well-detailed audio input for all music genres and casual gaming. Along with 2-watt speakers, you get an ⅛-inch auxiliary port as an audio input.

Is the HP VH240a mountable?

Yes, HP HV240a comes with VESA mounting options. This versatile mounting option lets you mount the monitor on the wall, swing arm, or any other attachment platform.

How many Hz is the VH240a?

The refresh rate of the HV240a is 60 Hz. It means it can refresh its frame 60 times in one second. This refresh rate makes it a great choice for casual gaming, everyday computing tasks, and movie streaming. However, it lacks the freesync technology and is therefore not the best option for demanding applications like video editing and serious gaming.

How do you turn up the volume on vh240a?

You can increase the volume upto 72% on your VH240a monitor. Go to the monitor settings, and select “properties.” Then select the option “volume properties,” where you can see the option increase/decrease volume option.

Is HP a good monitor brand?

Yes, HP is one of the best monitor brands that offers a wide range of display options, including both premium and budget options. What makes this brand most standout is its wide selection of budget options. You can find many entry-level HP monitors offering IPS panels and the best design ergonomics, making them attractive for on-budget customers.

Wrapping Up

HP HV240 is one of the best monitors that boast an IPS panel and FHD resolution. The monitor offers a perfect price-performance ratio and is therefore rated as one of the best entry-level monitors on the market.

A highly adjustable sturdy frame coupled with an ultra-slim profile makes it perfect for all office environments. An FHD resolution, 72% RGBs, and decent refresh rate delivers decent performance for everyday office tasks and casual gaming.

However, it lacks the features you may need for high-end gaming professional video editing, and therefore its usability is limited to the only office for home-based environments. Finally, it is an energy-star rated device that also works in an energy-saving mode to save maximum energy.

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