IPS vs. VA – What’s the Difference?

Whether to pick the right display for you or to figure out the panel type, which you are having already, all it takes, is to have a vivid knowledge of both the display types. With that being said, going through an IPS vs. VA comparison guide can be the best option in this regard!

Before moving on with the discussion, let’s make it clear in the first place that IPS and VA, both types of panels are from the category of LCD, which stands for Liquid Crystal Display. Besides, LCD is still relevant to date, thus satisfying different needs of viewers.

In a similar context, IPS vs. VA display types have a lot of similarities and dissimilarities, or merits and demerits, which tend to play a crucial role in determining the type of picture quality you’d have. So make sure to choose the best one in order to have the best experience while gaming as well as watching movies.

With that being said, let’s get down to it right away:

IPS vs. VA for Gaming: Reddit


Starting with one of the most crucial elements of having a perfect display type, IPS vs. VA for gaming has a lot of factors involved. Bur prior to that, let’s consider the abbreviations for IPS and VA, which are as follows: In-Plane Switching, and Vertical Angle, respectively.


In addition to that, the picture quality of games is much better presented in IPS panels than that of the VAs, which simply means that IPS panels are preferred most in the case of gaming.

Apart from that, the VA panels offer low viewing angles, which are too not clear from the sides, which means that they are not a good option for gaming. While on the other hand, IPS panels offer wide viewing angles. So that was all about IPS vs. VA for gaming.

IPS vs. VA: Color Comparison


IPS has a wide color gamut, which means that it ensures higher color gamut performance than the VA panels. With that being said, VA panels offer a much-defined black and a white color contrast ratio that simply increases the chances of quick identification of stuff in an intense game.

However, they are not good at recognizing colors accurately. In fact, the image seems to fade away slightly as you tend to see it from the side. But overall, IPS panels set the bar high for VAs here in this regard.

IPS vs. VA Ghosting


Monitors with IPS displays have comparatively less ghosting than VA monitors, for the reason that the latter has a slower response time as compared to the former. However, this is absolutely not the criteria to figure out which panel type does more ghosting. In fact, the type of panel has nothing to do with ghosting directly.

Now with everything mentioned about these two, let’s have a comparison of them with another leading display panel type, TN. This will give us a better insight as to what panel type is actually worth it in 2022. So without further ado, let’s get right into it:

TN Panel vs. IPS vs. VA


First things first, TN stands for Twisted Nematic and is one of the oldest LCD panel types in display technology. With that being said, let’s move forward to check out its merits and demerits, and see to what extent does this differ from the other two panel types.

So to begin with, TN panels are capable of handling refresh rates as higher as 240 Hz – which is an ultimate perk for gamers specifically. Apart from that, the amount of input lag with TN panels is significantly low. So much, which it’s usually considered to be around one millisecond.

And last but not least, these panel types offer a budget-friendly option, which makes the beginners choose this display type. Nevertheless, with all the advantages, comes a list of disadvantages of this panel type as well. So let’s have a look at that as well:

These panel types come with limited viewing angles, slower color reproduction resulting in evident color-banding, poor contrast ratio, and lastly, not-so-good color gamut performance.


When comparing all of these elements of the TN panel with VA vs. IPS, we get to know that the TN has some notable drawbacks that are not usually present in IPS and VA both. And the reason for this is that they are the upgraded versions of LCD panel types.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is IPS better than VA?

    IPS panels produce more consistent colors, alongside a swift pixel response, and wide viewing angles. However, the contrast ratio of IPS panels is considerably less than the VA panels, and that’s where they take the lead.

    Apart from that, VA panels are considered to be superior to IPS displays, for another reason that they tend to produce a vivid quality image in dark, as they have a built-in dimming feature. Nevertheless, both the panel types have their perks, so it’s completely your decision to pick one out of them.

  2. How do I know if I have an IPS or VA panel?

    The simplest and easiest way to figure out whether you’re having an IPS panel or VA panel is to look at the picture from the side. So much so, if you find the picture fade away a bit while looking from the side, then it’s the VA panel. And if the picture remains the same, then it’s the IPS panel type.

  3. Which is better for gaming: IPS or VA?

    As far as gaming is concerned, the In-plane Switching panel types are preferably more appropriate choices than VAs. This is due to the fact that IPS panels have a wide color gamut. Moreover, they offer better HDR as compared to VA panels and thus stand out to be the right choice for gaming. However, some minor tweaks can be ignored.

  4. Is VA panel good for eyes?

    VA panels are generally considered to be good for eyes as they are the best and most appropriate option after OLED panel types. Nevertheless, they offer low viewing angles alongside faded images while viewed from sides.

Summing Things Up

Here comes the conclusion to the IPS vs. VA panel type comparison in 2022. I hope that you find this article helpful and in your concern. If you are planning to get a new display type in the near future, then make sure to consider all the aspects mentioned above.

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