Nanocell Vs. Oled – Which One Should You Buy In 2023?

Nanocell vs. OLED – Which One Should You Buy in 2023?

While buying a new TV set for your home or workplace, it’d be difficult for you at times to pick the best one for you. Similarly, Nanocell vs. OLED are among such latest technologies, as they offer vivid color contrast ratios and amazing picture quality. Having said that, Nanocell TVs work similarly to LED TVs…

What Is Anti-Aliasing In Games? – Updated Guide 2023

What is Anti-Aliasing in Games? – Updated Guide 2023

If you are a regular gamer, then you must’ve experienced a situation where you get to have pixelated edges of the objects in the game. In addition, this usually happens with games that are a bit high than your GPU’s potential. That said, the boxed or pixelated edges of the images are referred to as…

How To Daisy Chain Monitors Using Different Methods In 2023?

How to Daisy Chain Monitors Using Different Methods in 2023?

Having a multi-monitor setup at your workspace offers improved productivity no matter which field you belong to. However, connecting two or three or even four monitors to a single PC could become problematic sometimes. Why? Well, first of all, there would surely be a lot of cord clutter to deal with. Secondly, your PC with…

How To Connect Two Monitors To A Laptop With One Hdmi Port In 2023?

How to Connect Two Monitors to a Laptop with One HDMI Port in 2023?

Get it, “Having the utility to use two monitors with a laptop can improve your productivity.” However, if your laptop only comes with a single HDMI port, then you might ask this question, “How to connect two monitors to a laptop with one HDMI port?” Connecting two monitors to a single HDMI port is simply…

Fhd Vs. Wqhd – Comparison Guide 2023

FHD vs. WQHD – Comparison Guide 2023

Nothing is more difficult than picking the one right type of display with the most perfect and appropriate resolution. And it gets even harder when you have got a plethora of options available on the market. With that being said, the display resolutions are important because the monitor with higher resolution will display more pixels….

What Is Ips Glow? – Everything You Need To Know About It

What is IPS Glow? – Everything You Need to Know About It

You might have noticed a faint glow on the corners of your computer’s or laptop’s IPS display – that’s mostly visible with a dark background on the screen. This ‘glowing’ of the corners of an IPS panel monitor is referred to as IPS glow. Having said that, this glow is quite obvious in dark environments…

Backlight Bleed Test – How To Test Your Monitor For Backlight Bleeding?

Backlight Bleed Test – How to Test Your Monitor for Backlight Bleeding?

In IPS monitors or gaming displays, it is quite common that light comes out of edges causing a sharp glow around the screens. This thing is known as backlight bleed. These flashes are sometimes unnoticeable but at times they become more severe and need to be fixed. However, before anything else, you need to first…

Monitor Screen Size Comparison [2023] – A Guide For Gamers

Monitor Screen Size Comparison [2023] – A Guide for Gamers

Processing speed, memory, and graphics are all aspects that are frequently discussed in the technology world. When it comes to computer monitors, there isn’t nearly as much information available. So, for your convenience, we have put together all information on monitor screen size comparison. When selecting the ideal computer for your needs, the display size…

Ips Vs. Led – Which One’s Better And Why?

IPS vs. LED – Which One’s Better and Why?

When you plan to buy a new gaming monitor, or to upgrade your previous display, better ensure to check various specs including the refresh rate, resolution panel type, response rate, and other screen technologies. That’s important to have vivid picture quality and better screen display. In a similar sense, there are two major types of…