LG 27GL850-B Review 2023 – Best 144 Hz Gaming Monitor

The LG Ultragear LG 27GL850-B is one of the excellent monitors available on the market this year, as it ensures exceptionally fast response time and remarkable motion-handling qualities. 

With that being said, it delivers quite vibrant yet consistent colors while displaying the most striking visuals. Apart from that, the loaded accessories that show up within the package simply justify its high-end price tag.

So while we are on that topic, let’s have a quick LG 27GL850-B review, which would help us know more about this exceptional gaming display. By the end of it, you’d be able to learn all the merits and demerits of this LG monitor completely. 

So without further ado, let’s get started:   

LG 27GL850-B Review: Unboxing and First Impressions

Prior to the technical specs and quirky features of the LG 27GL850-B monitor, we would prefer to have an overview of what’s inside the box, and what are the first impressions of this high-end display on its buyers. 


LG 27GL850-B 27 Inch Ultragear QHD Gaming Monitor


(Ratings 4.5/5)

  • QHD (2560 X 1440) Nano IPS display
  • Nvidia G SYNC compatible.
  • Pivot Adjustability
  • 144 Hertz refresh rate
  • Viewing Angle: 178˚
  • Ultra-thin bezel

So, down below is a sneak peek at what the accessory package includes and what it looks like at first sight. On that note, let’s get right into it:

Unboxing LG 27GL850-B


Starting off, the monitor’s total weight is around 13.45 lbs, which equals almost 6 KGs. With that being said, the accessory package of the monitor is quite loaded as this high-end gaming display is worth its price. 

So much so, it includes a versatile stand that seems pretty sturdy, yet adjustable. Aside from that, the base of the monitor ensures aesthetics with its red and black color combination; as well as provides durable support to the pole that goes into it.

In addition to that, the accessory box inside the monitor’s package is essentially packed with a lot of useful things. Firstly, you’d see some paperwork, comprising a quick start guide, a user manual, warranty card, and some other general guidelines about the setting up of the monitor. 

Having said that, the cable supply is also strong as it features a durable power adapter, a DisplayPort cable, a high-speed HDMI cable, and one USB cable as well. Moreover, one of the added perks of this monitor includes a plastic piece for cable management. Now you can avoid a lot of cable cluttering on your desktop by using this handy clip. 

First Impressions


As for the first impressions of the display, it appears to be a strong-built monitor with a sleek design and powerful features. Adding to this, the monitor has an anti-glare/Matte3H coating that not only gives aesthetic feels but ensures longevity as well.

With that being mentioned, the color combination of the display complements its overall look. For instance, the base of the monitor is having a black and red color theme. So overall, it is a pretty decent monitor with slight touchups to add to the aesthetics. 

Having said that, different slots for connectivity are located at the back of the monitor, which provides hassle-free connections. Apart from that, there is a small joystick-style control at the bottom of the frame. It works as an on and off button, as well as controls the convenient menu on the screen. 

Technical Specs and Features of LG 27GL850-B

LG 27GL850-B gaming monitor is a remarkable choice for regular gamers as well as professional content creators; as it offers a 144 Hz of refresh rate and a fast response time. However, the price rate of this display might be expensive for beginners or those running low on budget. 

So with that said, let’s get down to real business and explore all the technical specs and features of the new LG 27GL850-B monitor:

Image Quality


First things first, with this LG monitor with 98% DCI-P3 color gamut installed in it, you get to have the most vibrant colored images. So much so, that the LG 27GL850 monitor has an exceptional color range to give you an outstanding visual experience.

Having said that, the peak brightness of the display is up to 350-nits, which is a pretty good deal. However, when it comes to HDR content, you don’t find it really up to the mark as there’d be over-saturation and washed-out colors.



Talking about the different slots available for connectivity, it features a DisplayPort 1.4 input, two HDMI 2.0 ports, one headphone jack, and a dual-USB 3.0 port. With that being said, you get to have cables for all of these slots in the package, so no need to spend extra money on buying this extra stuff. 

Panel Type


LG makes no compromises for the best performance of its displays, as it features the high-end IPS panel type in the LG 27GL850-B gaming monitor. With that being said, you get performance edge over the mainstream rivals as some of them are usually TN panel displays.

In a similar context, as per the advantages of this LG 27GL850-B IPS panel monitor, you get to have faster response times, wider viewing angles, exceptional color accuracy, and consistency, and a better color contrast at times, than many of the VA panels as well.

So all-in-all, the LG 27GL850-B panel equipment game is strong! Now you can rest assured that your extravagant investment isn’t going to be useless. 



As for the overall performance and ergonomics of the display, it is an exceptionally durable gaming monitor. Starting off with the ergonomics, you get to have an extremely sturdy yet stylish stand, which provides a durable base for the monitor.

Having said that, the screen resolution of the display is around 2560 x 1440 pixels. This is one of the best perks of this high-end display as 1440p is the sweet spot for gamers. Apart from that, the contrast ratio of the display is 1000:1, which is something common with IPS panel displays. 

LG 27GL850-B Specs 

Refresh Rate144 Hz
Screen Size27 inches
Response Time 1ms 
Aspect Ratio16:9
ConnectivityDP, HDMI
Display Resolution2560 x 1440 pixels
Item Dimensions‎ 24.2 x 10.8 x 22.6 inches
Adaptive SyncFreeSync
VESA MountableYes (100x100mm)
Panel TypeIPS
Contrast Ratio1000:1 (static)
Colors1.07 billion 98% DCI-P3
Brightness350 cd/m2
Other Ports2x USB 3.0, Headphone Jack

LG 27GL850-B Review: Pros and Cons

Here’s a list of all the major pros and cons of the LG 27GL850-B gaming monitor. Let’s give it a look in order to have a quick overview of this high-end display.


  • Wide color gamut
  • High-end IPS panel display
  • Standard screen size
  • Adaptive sync enabled
  • Rich connectivity options
  • Loaded accessory package


  • Limited FreeSync range over HDMI
  • No swivel option
  • IPS glow


Is the LG 27GL850-B worth it?

With a plethora of functional specs, like 144 Hz of refresh rate, low input lag, adaptive FreeSync equipment, and a loaded accessory package, you get to have a monitor worth its price. The exceptional accessibility and responsiveness ensured by the display’s features simply outshine the other high-end competitors.

Does the LG 27GL850-B come with a DisplayPort 1.4 cable?

Despite having a little expensive price tag, the new LG 27GL850-B monitor lets you save a lot of extra money by sending you a plethora of accessories in the package. So much so, that it includes a compatible DP 1.4 cable, an HDMI cable, and a few other useful things to help you increase productivity.

Does the LG 27GL850-B have built-in speakers?

One of the setbacks of this ace gaming monitor is that it does not feature built-in speakers. Now you need to connect external speakers with the system in order to extract the sound out of it.

Or else, you need to spend some bucks on compatible headphones, which is comparatively a better option. This is for the reason that headphones tend to give you a more immersive experience of sounds than the speakers.

What is the difference between the LG 27GL850 and 27GL850-B?

There is no such difference between LG 27GL850 and LG 27GL850-B, except for the different range of colors. That’s right! The B stands for black and the LG 27GL850 is available in black color by having this extra letter added at the end. In fact, you won’t find the model name ending with B on various sites as it doesn’t really make a difference.

Does LG 27GL850-B have HDR?

This high-end LG monitor does feature HDR, but it doesn’t really impact the overall LG 27GL850-B settings as it is of mediocre level. Adding to this, it is capable of accepting HDR10 signals from compatible content, but it lacks local dimming.

Summing Things Up


LG 27GL850-B 27 Inch Ultragear QHD Gaming Monitor


(Ratings 4.5/5)

  • QHD (2560 X 1440) Nano IPS display
  • Nvidia G SYNC compatible.
  • Pivot Adjustability
  • 144 Hertz refresh rate
  • Viewing Angle: 178˚
  • Ultra-thin bezel

And it’s a wrap for the detailed LG 27GL850-B review. As for the key takeaways, the LG 27GL850-B gaming monitor is a perfect option for regular gamers, professional content creators, and also for regular users – as it features an enormity of useful features. That said, it’s your call to decide whether to spend your hard-earned money on this exceptional piece of hardware or not!

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