Matte vs Glossy Monitors – What is the Difference?

When it comes to computer displays, there are a number of factors that stir up the hype of choosing the right and appropriate type of monitor. Similar is a situation where you have to decide the screen type of your display, i.e. matte vs. glossy monitors.

With that being said, there are pros and cons of both screen types that tend to define the worth of both displays. Moreover, they are helpful in order to trace the dissimilarities between glossy vs. matte displays.
So following is a comparison guide in this regard. You must go through all of it till the end, in order to have a better overview of what’s the difference between the two screen types.

That said, let’s get down to it:

Matte vs Glossy Monitor: The Ultimate Comparison:


Down below is a basic overview of both types of screens. Let’s have a look at the basics and find out the merits and demerits of both display types.

On that note, let’s begin

Glossy Monitor


Firstly, we have the type of monitor screen that has gained all the hype in recent years, the glossy monitor 4k. These screen types are largely made up of reflective glass or polymers. Besides, these glossy screens output a shiny display that shows deeper and more vibrant colors.

With that being said, glossy displays basically emit all of their light due to their high transparency rate. As a result of that, you get to see quite vibrant images through glossy monitors – showing black as deeper, white brighter, and other colors more vivid than any other display type.

However, the thing with glossy monitors is that these are quite unsuitable for long hours of gaming or computing sessions. You get to develop mild eye strain due to the continuous glare and reflectivity.

So, on the whole, glossy monitors 4k are usually a good choice in terms of having vivid graphics and image quality. It can be a perfect pick for the video editors as well as for the regular consumers for watching movies or stuff.

Matte Screens – Merits and Demerits


Now coming towards the other screen type of the monitors, the matte monitor displays tend to be the exact opposite of the glossy screens. Besides, as the glossy screens are usually found in the 4K monitors or LCDs, the matte display types are most favorable in gaming laptops, etc.

Having said that, the composition of matte displays largely consists of plastic that is made up of polymer. In addition to that, the polymer used in this undergoes several stages of the etching process, which tend to make it quite favorable against the natural glare of the screen.

Matte vs. Glossy Screen for Gaming


Since there are a number of factors involved in gaming, you need to be very cautious about making the appropriate choices. Especially when it comes to the display hardware, you’ve got to be very precise in choosing the right type of settings in that regards as well.

So in a similar context, when it comes to the display screen of your gaming monitor, then choosing from the two main types of screen (glossy vs. matte screen laptop) can be a real task.

But we have got you covered here as well! Following is detail on what are the factors that matter in a good gaming experience; so that you know which one to choose for yourself:

First things first, if you want to have high screen resolution with extra sharp and vibrant colors of your game’s graphics, then you can opt for a glossy monitor 4k. However, to be very precise with the setbacks of glossy screens, its reflective and glaring qualities can make your long sessions of gaming way too exhaustive.

On the flip side, the matte screen types are manufactured with an anti-glare coating that prevents the excessive output of light from the display. As a result, you get to have less eye strain and fatigue as compared to glossy displays.

However, the color vibrancy and resolution might not be as perfect in the matte displays as in the glossy. But overall, in the case of matte vs. glossy screens for gaming, the former stands out among the gamers’ community.


  1. Is a glossy or matte screen better for eyes?

    After considering all the facts related to the glossy vs. matte screen laptop, it is clear that the former is not good for the eyes overall. This is for the reason that glossy laptop screens can cause a glaring effect enormously that might cause eye strain. Moreover, with its continuous reflections, you may find it unsuitable for long usage.

    Apart from that, the matte laptop screens are mostly preferred by most of the consumers – for it gives a more relaxed and pleasant experience of long hours of computing. Also, you don’t end up in unusual eye strain with these screen types.

  2. Are matte displays anti-glare?

    Unlike glossy screens, matte displays are composed of anti-glare coatings that prevent reflections from them. In this way, the matte screens tend to be more favorable in a bright room or to be used in sunlight.

  3. Why do gaming laptops have a matte screen?

    Gaming laptops or displays tend to be more favorable with matte screen type because you get to have less eye strain developed during the long hours of gaming. So much that the anti-glare coating on matte screens prevents unusual reflections, which make your gaming hours more comfortable.

  4. Do matte screen protectors reduce quality?

    On the whole, matte screens are preferable to be used while in a bright room or for a long period of time. That being said, in the case of using matte screen protectors consistently, you may find a performance drop overall.

    In a similar context, this may affect the brightness of your display. Moreover, the pixel quality might also get influenced due to this.

Matte vs. Glossy Monitors: Final Verdict

So the bottom-line of this comparison guide on matte vs. glossy monitors is that the most preferable one out of them is matte screen type; even though glossy screens also output quite amazing qualities.

Having said that, in the case of glossy with anti-reflective coating vs. matte, the former would stand out from its rival, as the glaring effect of glossy screens would be decreased.

So overall, it’s your call to decide whether to choose the glossy or matte display type for you.

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