Samsung C27HG70 Review – Pros and Cons Explained

Samsung has always been in the limelight in the tech industry; be it computer hardware, mobile phones, or other gadgets. In a similar context, the new Samsung C27HG70 monitor shows up on the market with its excellent qualities.

Talking about the accessibility of this super-lightweight piece of hardware, it shows up with some of the best tech equipment that speeds up your work as anything. Not only that but the color contrasts and display quality doubles the worth of it.

With that being said, we have considered a review of this monitor based on Samsung C27HG70 ratings. Make sure to check this out till the end so you know it better about the monitor.
On that note, let’s get straight to it:

Samsung C27HG70 Best Settings

Samsung C27HG70 27-Inch HDR QLED Curved Gaming Monitor

Ratings (4.5/5)
  • Quantum dot
  • 1 billion color support
  • QHD resolution
  • 1 ms response time
  • Refresh Rate of 144Hz

Color Support


First things first, this monitor features up to 1 billion color support to the display settings. This means that these 10-bit color channels support HDR signals and thus resulting in super-clear, vibrant images.

Refresh Rate


Talking about the most crucial element in monitors and displays, the refresh rate of the Samsung C27HG70 is around 144 Hz. That being said, this much of a refresh rate value gives you an amazing experience while playing competitive games.

Moreover, the quick responsiveness of this monitor type increases the smooth gameplay. Side by side, it reduces input lag to the minimum; thus giving you the ultimate environment of long-hour gaming.

Sound and Audio Connectivity


Moving forward to the other useful features of this monitor, it shows up with some amazing connectivity options for an amazing sound experience. Starting off with the headset connectivity option, the monitor comes equipped with an ergonomic port that fits the wired headphones easily.

Aside from that, the Bluetooth connectivity options of the earphones with your monitor are also amazing. Hence, it all makes up to be the best option for gamers as well as others too; for you can have an immersive experience of sound.

Coming to the audio connectivity options of other audio sets with the monitor, it features a 3.5mm audio-in jack that plugs in any compatible device, speakers, or stereo with the monitor.

Response Time


Not to forget about the responsiveness of this monitor, it delivers rapid performance with its 1 ms of response time. You get to have a fast progressing gaming experience or computing operation to an extent that the accessibility to heavy-duty programs becomes a breeze.

With that being said, the time it takes to display each pixel and handle the change of each pixel basically measures the response time. So overall, the monitor renders the most vibrant display of every kind of image as the response time is as swift as anything. You don’t need to wait long for the whole image to load and display a clear visual!

Accessories Included


Last but not the least, there comes a bag full of useful accessories with this super-cool gaming monitor. By having such pieces by your side, you can enhance your experience of gaming or even basic computing even more conveniently.

Having said that, coming to the bundle of accessories it has, the first thing, which is of exceptional benefit, is an HDMI cable. Most of the monitors or even computer setups don’t include one; hence making it is an extra investment for the user to buy it separately.

Secondly, it includes a USB 3.0 cable as well. This is an exceptional piece of equipment as it helps in making different connections possible. So much that it can be used in connecting adapters and gaming consoles to the monitor as well.

That being mentioned, the next thing, which you’ll be getting with this exceptional monitor, is a display port cable. The function of this cable is to connect a video source to your TV or monitor. So turns out, that this little thing is an added perk for those who want to play videos from an external device on the big screen.

What are the Downsides of Samsung C27HG70?

Now that we have discussed all the highlighting features of this new monitor, it’s high-time that we get down to figure out the downsides of it. So on that note, let’s get started with mentioning the possible setbacks of the new Samsung C27HG70.

Here we go:

Huge Stand

  • The first thing that can be really annoying about this monitor, or should I say that is actually very annoying for the users, is that it features a huge stand at the bottom. By this, your monitor gets to face huge instability.

    To put it simply, due to the large stand of the monitor, the center of gravity gets disturbed and hence the huge size of the monitor screen begins to get misbalanced while standing.

Poor Location of the USB Ports

  • Another major pitfall of this monitor type is that the placement of the USB ports is very unusual. So much that you actually have to make an effort while plugging in any of the cables.

Gets Very Hot

  • Lastly, with this monitor comes a problem of excessive heat. The monitor gets really hot at times that you can barely touch the chassis. That being said, this might occur due to intensive multitasking or long hours of usage. Whatever the reason, this happens rarely.

Why You Should Buy Samsung C27HG70 Monitor?

Before we proceed to conclude with our discussion, here we have tried to come up with some of the possible reasons for you to go for the new Samsung C27HG70 monitor this year.

With that being said, let’s get right into it and see what benefits you’re going to get from this purchase. Here we go:

Handful of Accessories

  • First things first, the major reason that’ll compel you to buy this monitor is that it comes with a number of accessories in the package. You get to have a plethora of handy equipment that increases productivity as well. From an HDMI cable to a display port connectivity wire, this is the best choice so far.

Max Resolution

  • With that being said, the max resolution capacity of this monitor is also worthwhile. Now you can have a vivid picture quality on this display; and that too within a perfectly reasonable price tag.

Highly Adjustable Stand

  • Apart from that, if any one of you is interested in getting a monitor type that enables wall mounting, instead of other kinds of complex installations, then this is the right choice for you.

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Summarizing Things Up

And it’s a wrap for the new Samsung C27HG70 gaming monitor. This is an incredible option for most potential buyers, only if you want to have a perfect display to play movies and videos. With that being said, its curved design is super-cool when it comes to the style of the monitor.

So it all comes down to being a matter of personal preference as well. If you want to have all of these features at a single place, then there’s no other monitor better than Samsung C27HG70 on the market.

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Samsung C27HG70 Specs

Refresh Rate144 Hz
Screen Size27 Inches
Total HDMI Ports2
Response Time1 ms
Max Screen Resolution‎2560 x 1440 pixels
Display TypeLCD
Mount TypeWall Mount

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