How to Screenshot Only One Monitor in Simple and Easy Steps?

While using a multi-monitor setup, some people find it really difficult to capture a screenshot of only one monitor. Although this setup proves to be quite productive to carry out multitasking, when it comes to things like screenshotting one monitor, then it becomes a great deal.

With that being said, it might look a little daunting in the first place, but there are a handful of ways to let you accomplish this task conveniently. By applying those methods, you can easily capture a snapshot of one monitor.

On that note, here we have compiled a comprehensive guide in this regard to help you out in learning how to screenshot only one monitor. That said, make sure that you read it till the end, in order to not miss out on any point.

So without further ado, let’s get right into it:


How to Screenshot Only One Monitor?


Since taking screenshots has become quite a common practice even on computers, you might find it really annoying to not be able to do so while using a multi-monitor setup. With that being said, we have brought a list of simple and easy, built-in methods, as well as some third-party applications, to help you learn how to screenshot monitor screens.

With that said, let’s not wait for another minute, and get started with that:

How to Screenshot Only One Monitor: Windows 10

Starting off with the simplest way of taking a screenshot in your Windows 10 setting, the following is the series of a few simple steps in this regard:


Place the cursor of your mouse on the window or tab that you want to capture. 


Then, press the following keys simultaneously: Ctrl + Alt + PrtSc. This will immediately capture the screenshot of that window.


Now by pressing Ctrl + V on any application, such as Word, Paint, etc. the captured screenshot will be pasted there from the clipboard.

And that is it! This is how simple it is to take a screenshot by using the windows print screen one monitor option.

Note:  In order to avoid the other monitor screens getting captured, you can select the Window by using the cursor. That way, only the selected window will be captured as a screenshot.

How to Screenshot Only One Monitor Using Snipping Tool?


Now there is another method of capturing a screenshot on one monitor, by using a snipping tool on a dual monitor setup. With that being said, follow the steps listed below in order to capture a screenshot using this tool. 

So on that note, let’s get started with that:


First things first, you need to navigate the Snipping tool in the start menu of your monitor.


Then follow it by pressing the following keys: Ctrl + M + S. This will screenshot the active window of your screen.


Afterward, the screenshot will be pasted on the snipping tool automatically. You can, then, simply save it wherever you want it to.

Now with that being mentioned, let’s consider another likewise method, which is precisely an application that lets you know how to screenshot one screen on dual monitors without any hassle. So here we go:

How to Take a Screenshot of One Screen with Dual Monitors Windows 10


To get it straight, you can use the application, namely Snip and Sketch, instead of the snipping tool to get convenient screenshots of your screen. Follow the instructions mentioned below in order to use this app effectively:


Open the start menu and click on the Snip and Sketch app icon. You can easily download it from different sites.


Select a new tab from the top left of the screen to take a screenshot. Or else, you can simply press the Ctrl + N keys.


Now, choose the rectangular option from the toolbar present at the top of the interface. Then move your cursor from one edge of the monitor to the other edge that you want to capture.


Once you’ve taken the screenshot, save it by clicking on the disk icon, which is present on the top right corner of the interface. 

How Do I Take A Screenshot Of Only One Monitor Mac?

Screenshot Only One Monitor Mac

Well, there are plenty of ways to take a screenshot on Mac, depending on the type or nature of the image you want to capture. For instance, there’s a different method to screenshot a full-screen image and another method for clicking a single-window snap.

So in that sense, we have listed down all the techniques that’d help you capture a screenshot differently. With that said, let’s get right into it:

  1. 1) First things first, if you want to capture a full-screen snapshot on Mac, then hold Command + Shift + 3. 
  2. Secondly, if you want to screenshot a single window, then press the Command key + Shift + 4. Afterward, tap the Space key and then select the window that you wanted to capture.
  3. Thirdly, in the case you want to avoid the unwanted shadow on the screenshot of a single window, follow the same procedure as that of the previous one. But in the end, after pressing the space key, hold the Alt button and then select the window you want to capture. 
  4. In another instance, if you want to screenshot a specific area on the screen, then you can simply hold the Command + Shift + 4 keys; and then follow it by selecting the desired area for the screenshot.  
  5. Now lastly, in case you want to save a screenshot of the touch bar, press Command + Shift + 6.

So these were all the default keyboard settings in the Mac OS for taking screenshots. 


  1. How do I stop my screenshots from going to both monitors?

    The best method of capturing a screenshot can be any of the above-mentioned methods. However, in order to avoid your screenshot from going to the other monitors in the multi-display setup, you can keep up with the following hack:

    After using the snipping tool or simple keystrokes to capture a screenshot, you’ll see a white overlay on the screen. After that, you can simply go to the top left corner of the screen, and drag the cursor down to select the whole window. This way, only the selected tab will be captured in the screenshot.

  2. How do I print screen just the active window?

    One of the easiest and simplest ways of taking screenshots or printing screens is by using a few keystrokes. That’s right! All you need to do is just to rest the cursor of your mouse on the active window or the window you want to get printed out.
    Then follow it by pressing the following keys: Ctrl + Alt + PrtSc. This will capture a screenshot of the active window. Afterward, you can paste the snapshot on any application, be it Word, Paint, or even email; and then get its printout conveniently.

  3. How do I screenshot my monitor screen without the Print Screen button?

    In case your keyboard does not feature a Print Screen button, then you can use the following set of keys to get a screenshot of the screen from the monitor easily: Fn + Windows Logo Key + Space Bar. This will allow you to capture the screen, which you can easily get printed out afterward.

  4. Is there a shortcut to Snipping Tool?

    One of the ways of using the snipping tool on monitors to capture a screenshot is by pressing a set of keys. So instead of navigating the Snipping Tool in the menu bar, you can simply press the Windows logo key + Shift + S, to take a screenshot via the snipping tool.

Summing Things Up

This is all regarding how to screenshot only one monitor. I hope that this article was helpful and by now, you know all the shortcuts and quirky methods to help you avoid the hassle of taking a screenshot of only one screen in a multi-monitor setup.

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