What is Monitor Vignetting? How to Avoid It?

Monitor vignetting is one of the common monitor defects that cause the screen to get dark from the corners. This panel issue occurs due to bad uniformity of colors and also poor brightness uniformity as well.

With that being said, the panel’s bad brightness harmony causes the edges of the screen to appear dimmer than the center. This means, that the edges of the display seem darker and overshadowed.

Now, this is something, which is referred to as monitor vignetting. That said, for those who are still wondering what is monitor vignetting, consider the following detail that includes all the nitty-gritty about the issue; alongside ways to prevent this.

Having said that, let’s get down to it:

IPS Monitor Dark Corners


Now there can be two possible reasons for facing this issue: either poor color uniformity in the panel or bad brightness uniformity. These problems occur while manufacturing panels, and usually, these issues cannot be fixed completely.

Brightness Uniformity

Example of a uniform panel (brightness)

With that being said, when the brightness level of the screen is at the maximum, i.e. in the center, you feel slightly dark edges on the screen. Know that this is monitor vignetting.

However, the effect is so light that you’d merely notice it while regular usage like playing games or carrying out any other computing task. This can only be seen clearly while vibrant colors are being displayed on the screen.

Now in such cases, you can avoid this issue by lowering the brightness or switching your monitor to night or safe mode. This will save a lot of display’s effect from vignetting. Although, there is no such way to remove this issue from your monitors completely.

Color Uniformity


While displaying pure white color on your screen, if you get to see slightly red or yellow hues of color at the top or other edges of the screen, then chances are that your monitor has caught vignetting issue. However, if the value of the colors displayed on the edges crosses DeltaE 3.0 value, then surely it is problematic. Otherwise, it is normal.

How to Check Monitor for Defects

There are a few checks for monitor defects that are somehow a must for the new monitors and a basic chance for improving the overall performance of your existing display. With that being said, these monitor defects and their details are listed below:

Pixel Check


Firstly, you need to have a pixel check that determines certain facts about your monitor’s pixel quality. Besides, you can adjust them accordingly after having this defect checked on your monitor.

With that being said, all you need in this regard is to have an application downloaded into your system, which is the Dead Pixel Body. You can use this app to have a pixel check for your monitor easily.

Backlight Bleed


Another type of monitor defect is the backlight bleed test. This issue occurs when you see light leaking from the edges of your screen. There can be many possible reasons for it being a defect, but the major one is that it causes you to not focus completely and thus causes irritation while working.

That said, the easiest way of solving this problem is by opening up the hardware and fixing the issue manually by putting screen tape on the edges. Other than that, there is no such fix to this problem except getting a new monitor.

Monitor Vignetting


Thirdly, we have yet another type of monitor defect, that is, the monitor vignetting. It commonly remains unnoticeable from many people out there. However, at times, this issue gets worse in some cases and causes problems while continuous usage.

That aside, this happens when the screen from the corners starts to blacken. And the icons shown at the top of the screen or at the bottom seem similar. Thus monitor vignetting takes place.

With that being said, you can easily check for this issue while in dark places. Besides, the way to minimize this thing is by reducing the brightness or adjusting it to a level where the blackness of the icons gets unnoticeable.


How to check monitor for defects?

When you buy a new monitor, and something doesn’t seem right to you, then the first thing you should be doing is to run a monitor test. In the same sense, the first thing you could do is to have a check the dead or stuck pixels. And this can be done simply by using an application called Dead Pixel Body.

Apart from that, the other thing is to have a backlight bleed test. This is to avoid the extra-bright screen from the edges, which causes irritation while working. Another monitor defect that you can check is monitor vignetting.

How to avoid screen vignetting?

There are a couple of ways, which you can use to avoid or somewhat reduce screen vignetting. These include lowering your monitor’s brightness to a level where it gets normal. In addition to that, you can switch to dark or night browser mode that inverts the colors. As a result, the vignetting defect becomes less noticeable.

Some Final Words

So this was all about monitor vignetting and the major reasons behind facing this issue. I hope everyone seeking an answer to what is monitor vignetting in 2022 has got all the queries entertained here.

The black edges of a screen due to poor brightness uniformity cause monitor vignetting. There is no such cure to this problem, however, there are certain tips that help to minimize its effect.

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