What Monitor Do I Have? – Know Your Monitor’s Model!

It is quite common for people to be unaware about the type of computer systems or the devices they own. The most common reason is that either they have bought it from a shop that sells refurbished goods or they don’t have enough knowledge regarding the latest innovations and the technologies that have taken place over the years. It is imperative for the people to know the type of computer systems they own as it can help them get the required devices accordingly.

Furthermore, they can also make use of the specifications to its full extent. 

How to Identify the Monitor you Have

Identify What Monitor Do I Have

So how can a person identify the monitor they have as not everyone is a tech savvy. Some of the factors that can help in the identification of the type of monitor a person owns is listed below: 

Use the Advanced Display Settings:

Advanced display settings are installed in every monitor that can help determine what type of monitor you have in your room. In order to access the display settings, click on the window screen and then select the option of screen resolution from the drop down menu. A new menu will pop up, scroll down and select the option placed right next to display. It will share all the important relevant information with you regarding the system you own. 

For Windows 7


An alternative method to access it through your windows 7 is by accessing the display settings through the menu. Click on the option near the control panel and select hardware and software. Look out for the option that states devices and printers. The name of your monitor will be listed here along with the names of other devices that are connected with your system. 

For Windows 10


Furthermore, if someone owns a windows 10 then the process of accessing the advanced display setting is going to be different. Use the start icon to open up a pop up menu and click on the gear icon given in the control panel section. Now select the system option and scroll down to the section where advanced display settings are mentioned. Click on it and your queries will be answered. 

Alternative Method


Another way of accessing advanced display settings is through typing advanced display settings in the search bar given on the computer screen. Click on display settings and it will take you to the page where one can easily access the advanced display settings of the monitor they own. Moreover, by clicking on your screen you can also access the display settings. It is mentioned at the end of the pop up menu bar that appears on your screen after you click. 


In case the display settings does not mention the model number then another way of finding it is by looking at the bottom of the monitor screen or on the back plate of the screen

Research before you purchase

There are many instances where people do not go over the type of monitor they should get for themselves depending on the type of work they do. It is imperative to research as every monitor screen is designed specifically to suit some certain work criteria.

Not every monitor screen can be used for all types of work. For instance, the monitor screen used by the graphic designer is not suitable for an employee who has to use software like Microsoft office. Similarly, a professional gamer would need a monitor that is different than the ones that are being used by others.

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How can I identify the monitor I have?

The details regarding every monitor are either mentioned at the back of the panel or the information can be accessed through the monitor.

Why is it important to purchase the monitor according to your needs?

Every monitor is designed specifically for a certain task or duty that needs to be carried out. A monitor designed especially for the purposes of graphic designing would be different for someone who needs it only for carrying out tasks on Microsoft office.

Do I have to visit a special outlet to purchase a monitor with specific needs?

A monitor with different specifications is easily available on every shop that deals in selling different forms of computer systems. One should not feel the need to visit any other computer outlet if they are already visiting one.

Final Takeaway

Now that all your queries have been answered, you can save the information for later use or purposes. It can resolve the issue of identifying important information regarding the type of monitor screen you own.

The type of screen you have or the size matters a lot especially if you are getting it for a specific task or job requirements. It’s always good to inquire before you purchase as it is a long term investment hence decisions should be made wisely.

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