Why Does My Monitor Keep Going Black?

Monitor going black during working hours or while gaming is one of the most frustrating and irritating things to happen, and if you are facing a similar problem, then let me tell you that you are not the only one facing such issues.

If you want to learn how to fix it, trust me, it is not a big deal.

There are various reasons which are responsible for the blacking of the screen of the monitor.

One of the significant and fundamental reasons is cables or chords.

Mainly the internal damage in chords, hardware of the desktop, and power saver modes of the monitor are responsible for causing blackening in desktops.

Apart from these major issues, there are few minor issues like graphic update issues, overdrive and HDMI configurations.

If you are interested in getting rid of these issues and want your desktop to run smoothly without blacking out, then make sure to give this article a full read.

Because in this article, I will tell you some of the effective methods through which you can solve these issues manually while sitting at home.

Why Does My Monitor Keep Going Black?

If you are worried about your monitor going black, there are a couple of methods that I am mentioning below that will help you with your fixing.

Video Cable Check

This is one of the significant issues that are present in most of the monitors.

To solve this problem, switch off your computer and unplug the video chord present at the back of the monitor.

Check Video Cable

Check if any of the connectors are damaged in the plugging area.

Apart from the video cable, check the monitor’s connectors and look if there is any damage present there.

If there is no damage, clean the cable properly, insert it back to the monitor, and put it on.

And in case you find any defect, place a new video cable instead of an older one as it will fix the issue.

Meanwhile, doing this also makes sure that your power cable is well connected to deliver the tremendous energy required for optimum functioning of the monitor.

Power Setting

This is another major issue that is responsible for the blackening of the monitor screen.

Most of the time, people shift their computer on power saving or screen saving mode, which helps save maximum power of the monitor and does not allow the proper functioning of the monitor.

For checking this, make sure to go to power setting mode and check if it is running a power-saving mode or not.

If you have window seven on your monitor, you should go to the power option and select none if the power saving mode is on.

Turn Off Power Saving Mode

You can shift to balanced mode as it will utilize the only amount of energy required by applications running and according to your computer’s needs

While selecting the balanced option, make sure to shift the turn of the display and put the computer to sleep on never mode.

On your keyboard, select the power button, and through the search bar, you can search for a screen saver.

Make sure to turn it off as well. This will help remove the blackening of the screen.

If you are a user with installed window 10, then it is easy for you.

Simply open the screen and sleep, setting through the search bar, and shift both to never.

And in the next step, search for a screen saver in the search bar. Once you find it, turn off the screen saver as well.

Screen Saver Settings
Turn Off Screen Saver

Make sure that all of the settings are turned off.

Once you are done managing these settings, restart the monitor. Now you will not face any blackening issues.

Overheating Internals

Excessive usage of the monitor can be responsible for overheating the internal part, which is responsible for the monitor going black.

Although manually, it is challenging to diagnose this issue, you will personally understand if you are using that monitor.

Once it starts happening, just shut down your monitor and let it cool down completely for a span of time.

Once it is completely cooled down, then you can use it for working or any other purpose as it will come back to its normal state as it initially was.

Obtaining Latest Video Card Driver

Obtaining the latest video card driver is crucial for power management and the excellent functioning of the monitor.

For this purpose, you install or update the most recent version to the desktop.

Update Graphics Driver

It can be done manually or automated. For this purpose, you have to click and search the drive manager on your monitor.

Once you find it, the next task is to check for a display adapter.

The updated video card name and number will be displayed then, which you can download from Google and follow all the instructions provided.

This will help update your graphic driver, which will enhance the efficiency of your monitor and will prevent your monitor from going black

Trying the Monitor With Another System

If all of the above-given tricks and methods have failed and are not adequate for the monitor, then you should connect the monitor with another working system.

This will show that either there is a defect in the monitor for blackening out or issues with the rest of the system.

If the monitor works well, that means there was an issue in the system, but if the monitor still blacks out, that means there is some issue with the monitor’s hardware.

You will need to take your monitor to a repair store to get some professional help for fixing your monitor.

Factory Resetting

Another option that you have before taking your monitor to get some professional help is factory resetting.

You can easily find this option on your monitor.

Initially, you have to search for settings. In settings, you can easily find factory reset. You have to follow the guidelines to factory reset your monitor.

Reset Your Monitor

This process will help gain back the strength of the monitor.

Check if, after doing this, the monitor goes black or not.

Because after this step, almost all of the functioning of the computer is retained in a well-managed way.

And in case your monitor is not getting any better, then my friend! It’s time to either show it to a professional or buy a new one.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Why does my monitor go black randomly?

    Various reasons can be responsible for your monitor going black randomly, and one of the leading causes is a bad power supply unit due to broken or damaged wire or HDMI cable.

    Apart from damaged or broken cable, another major issue of monitor blacking out randomly is the power save mode and screen saver in monitors.

    They tend to save more energy while leaving the monitor going black randomly.

  2. What to do if the monitor keeps going black?

    You can apply various methods if your monitor keeps going black, which I have already discussed in the above-given article.

    One of the essential ways of preventing this blackout is

    ⦁ To make sure that all of the cables are well secured and functioning correctly.
    ⦁ Checking the configuration of the HDMI cable
    ⦁ Making it sure by thoroughly checking if there is any cable damage or not.
    ⦁ Factory resetting the computer and making sure that power saver and screen saver are off.
    ⦁ Upgrading the graphics of the monitor

  3. Why does my gaming monitor keep going black?

    If your gaming computer is going black, that certainly means that there are issues with its software or hardware; otherwise, other issues rarely occur in gaming laptops.

    If some upgrades are required, you can do that easily but once your screen goes off, let the computer rest properly.

    Later on, when it is all cooled down, open it, and check the power plans and see if they are according to the above-described options.

  4. Why does my monitor keep cutting out?

    Your monitor keeps cutting out due to power cable issues.

    If you have a prolonged cable wire, it can cause interference in the signal transmission.

    Therefore use video cables that are small and authentic with their functioning.


If you are also facing the issue of monitors going black, then I think after reading this article, you would now have certainly learned some of the effective ways to remove this issue.

All problems related to monitor blackout can be solved manually.

Until and unless there is an issue in the connector area.

If any connector of the cable is damaged or broken or issues with the hardware.

I hope you have learned a lot about effective ways of managing your computer if you face such an issue next time.

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