Acer XG270HU Review – Pros and Cons of High-End Acer Monitor

Do you want to buy a budget-friendly monitor for your gaming sessions within the 27 inches display range? If yes, then we have got you covered! The new Acer XG270HU is one of the best-ranking gaming monitors in this regard.

You get to have the perks of exceptional adaptive sync technologies that are built into the system of the monitor. Besides, some other advantages and disadvantages too, come alongside with this.

Therefore, we have included this Acer XG270HU review, based on customer feedback, extensive research, and expert opinion. So you better give it a reading till the end and have a complete overview of the display.

Having said that, let’s begin:


Acer XG270HU Review : Unboxing and First Impressions

Prior to discussing the features of the Acer XG270HU monitor, let’s have a look at the unboxing and first looks of the display. So let’s get started with that:

Acer XG270HU omidpx 27-inch WQHD AMD FREESYNC (2560 x 1440) Widescreen Monitor

Ratings (4/5)
  • WQHD resolution (2560 x 1440)
  • fast response time of 1ms
  • Signal Inputs
  • Flexible Connectivity
  • AMD Free Syncing

Unboxing Acer XG270HU


The monitor comes in quite decent packaging, which seems pretty convenient to open and set it up. With that being said, the first things that come out of the box are the different cables for extensive connectivity.

In addition to that, it includes a DisplayPort cable, an HDMI cable, an audio cable, a power cable, and a DVI cable as well. So this includes just about everything that you could possibly have with a gaming monitor.

Apart from that, on the sides of the box, you’ll find the power adapters. While on the other side, the base of the monitor is placed. You need to assemble your monitor by using this stand. And lastly, you have the 27-inch Acer XG270HU monitor in the box.

First Impressions


When you take a look at this Acer model, you’ll see a slightly irregular design than normal as the monitor features a straight-up shape instead of a curved screen. Apart from that, the combination of different colors on its outer, especially the stand makes it a little weirdo for some people. However, it is being loved by the rest.

With that aside, the monitor has a sleek design with almost no bezels. So much so, that the viewing area seems to get bigger and wider with the thin sides of the display. Apart from that, the stand that shows up in the package limits the movement of the monitor; and thus it only allows a tilt-only feature.

Technical Specs and Features of Acer XG270HU

The Acer XG270HU monitor ranks among the high-end gaming monitors in 2022. If budget is not a problem for you, then you must invest your money in this impeccable monitor. Nevertheless, this price range is considered normal or rather cheaper in the case of 27-inch monitors.

Apart from that, let’s have a look at its top-tier features so that you get to have a better overview of the Acer XG270HU display.

That said, let’s get started:



Starting off with the availability of different ports and sockets on the Acer XG270HU model, it features a DisplayPort connectivity option, alongside an HDMI and a DVI plug-in too. And to top it off, all of their cables are included in the package! So now you don’t need to spend extra bucks on these cables to connect different peripherals.

However, on the downside, this gaming monitor does not feature USB ports. This seems to be a major setback of this high-end display, which makes it lack success among its rivals.

Built-in Speakers

Unlike many of its competitors, the Acer XG270HU gaming display shows up with a set of two built-in watt speakers. This is one of the best things you could get by investing money in this Acer model.

So now, you don’t need to plug in external speakers or headphones to get the sounds out of your monitor. The display is all equipped to give you an immersive sound experience while playing your favorite game!

Panel Type and Resolution


The Acer XG270HU monitor features WQHD technology, which means that this is the perfect display resolution for widescreen as much as this 27-inch big screen. With that being said, this is regarded as a 2K monitor resolution, which shows that it is half as good as the 4K HD resolution in the high-end monitors and displays out there.

Aside from that, the Acer XG270HU resolution is measured to be 2560 x 1440 pixels or simply 1440p. This much of a screen resolution is capable of delivering sharp and crisp images.

You get to enjoy the best picture quality due to the WQHD resolution. Nevertheless, the higher display resolution, generating higher frames per second, will result in more power consumption.

Having said that, the panel type used in this monitor is Twisted Nematic (TN). This panel technology is not as good as the other remarkable display types like IPS and VA; for the reason that it offers narrow viewing angles (160/170), and also the color quality is comparatively poor.

Eye Protection


Acer XG270HU best settings include the exceptional eye protection technologies that make it a perfect monitor for long hours of gaming and computing. So much so, it includes the following features: the Flicker-less technology that tends to reduce the eye strain caused by screen flickering, low-dimming, anti-glare, and lastly, the blue-light filtering technology.



The overall performance of the Acer XG270HU is exceptional from the gaming perspective. With its swift pixel response and fast refresh rate, you get to have smooth and uninterrupted gameplay.

Apart from that, with the FreeSync technology enabled, there’d be no to less screen-tearing. So now you can enjoy a trouble-free video and visual experience with fewer distractions on the screen.

Moreover, as for the input lag of this Acer model, it takes around 23 ms to process the command and output the results on the screen. With that said, this is pretty extra for gaming, as it requires as less of input lag as possible.

Acer XG270HU Specs

Screen Size27 inches
Refresh Rate144 hertz
Response Time1ms
Panel TypeLED
ConnectivityHDMI, DisplayPort, DVI
Display Resolution2560 x 1440 pixels
Item Dimensions24.2 x 1.48 x 14.49 inches
FreeSyncAMD FreeSync
Viewing Angles170 / 160
Mount TypeVESA Mount
Aspect Ratio1.78:1
Screen CoatingAnti-glare
Input Lag23ms

Acer XG270HU Review: Pros and Cons

In order to have a concise overview of the Acer XG270HU gaming monitor, have a look at the list of its major perks and setbacks. This will allow you to have a quick recap of all of the details mentioned earlier. Besides, it’d be easier to make a final decision after keeping the major pros and cons in mind.

So on that note, let’s get down to it:


  • AMD FreeSyncing available
  • Anti-glare screen coating
  • Fast refresh rate
  • A decent pick for gaming display
  • Sharp WQHD resolution
  • Great eye protection due to blue-light filtering technologies


  • Narrow viewing angles
  • USB ports missing
  • Not-so adjustable stand


  1. Is Acer XG270HU G-Sync compatible?

    Acer XG270HU specs include one of the best adaptive sync technologies that the visual artifacts in video displays like screen-tearing, stuttering, etc. are eliminated to the maximum.

    With that being said, this Acer model shows up with official G-Sync compatibility certified by NVIDIA. Apart from that, it features AMD FreeSync technology as well. So for the regular gamers out there, this monitor can prove to be the best piece of gaming gear!

  2. What is the refresh rate of Acer XG270HU?

    The Acer XG270HU gaming monitor runs at a refresh rate of 144 Hz. As for a reminder, the refresh rate of your monitor depicts how many times per second the display generates a new image. So if your monitor’s refresh rate is 144 Hz – as in the case of Acer XG270HU – then it means that the image gets refreshed 144 times in a second.

  3. Is Acer XG270HU an IPS?

    The panel type of Acer XG270HU is different than most of its rivals and makes it lack behind due to its poor performance. With that said, it is equipped with a TN panel type, which is known for its poor color accuracy and narrow viewing angles.

    That being said, unlike IPS displays, the Acer XG270HU panel type does not deliver exceptional quality videos and images. However, the response time speed is faster in these panels, so this makes it preferable for some gamers.

Final Takeaways

So this was all about the Acer XG270HU review. I hope you’ve found all the details regarding this high-end monitor. With its exceptional response time and remarkable adaptive sync technologies, you get to have a worth-it gaming display.
On that note, make sure to keep in mind all of its features, pros, and cons, while buying, so that you can compare the XG270HU with other Acer models.

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