Backlight Bleed Test – How to Test Your Monitor for Backlight Bleeding?

In IPS monitors or gaming displays, it is quite common that light comes out of edges causing a sharp glow around the screens. This thing is known as backlight bleed. These flashes are sometimes unnoticeable but at times they become more severe and need to be fixed.

However, before anything else, you need to first recognize the problem – as it is quite difficult to do so. So for that, you can use the backlight bleed test that’d help you identify that the glow around the screen is either a backlight bleed or is it a natural glow of your IPS monitor.

Having said that, here we bring you some easiest ways to help you know how to have a backlight bleed test for our display. Also, we have enlisted some of the simplest methods that can be used to eradicate the problem at the earliest as soon as it is detected.

So, without any further delay, let’s get started:

What is Backlight Bleed Test?

What Is Backlight Bleed Test

As mentioned already, an extra glow coming out of the edges of your screen, causing irritation at times, is said to be a backlight bleed. Now to know what is backlight bleed test, read the following information:

Although, in most cases, minor backlight bleed does not create any real trouble and it is even hard to notice in a lighted room. Rather, it can only be noticed when you use your monitor in a dark room.

Otherwise, in order to detect whether your monitor has the problem or not, there is an easy test commonly referred to as a backlight bleed test. With this, you can easily identify the problem and get it fixed as soon as possible.

Now, to have a quick backlight bleed test of your display, you need to follow these simple steps:

Turn the Lights off

Firstly, you need to turn your room’s lights off as the light leakage can only be visible in a darker environment. Otherwise, you will confuse it with the original IPS glow of your monitor.

Set the Brightness

The next step is to set your monitor’s brightness at an optimum level. Usually, in a dark environment, you need to set the brightness at its full but while doing the test, you need to keep it in between 30% – 50%.

Open Pitch Black Screen

Lastly, just open a black screen or play some video having a black screen. This will enable you to detect the extra glow. If you witness any light coming out of the edges while all these settings, then it indicates that your monitor is having a backlight bleed problem and it needs to be fixed.

How Much Backlight Bleed is Acceptable?

Now before we move forward to jot down the possible solution of fixing backlight bleed, let’s have an overview of how much backlight bleed is acceptable. This is for the reason that the glow coming out of screen edges is a usual phenomenon unless it gets really high.

Also, you might confuse the natural IPS glow of your monitor display with the backlight leakage. So in order to avoid any misjudgment, you just need to know the difference between the two.

Therefore, IPS glow is naturally a little dimmer comparatively, and it does not majorly affect your vision.
On the other hand, backlight bleed causes real trouble to your sight while continuously watching screens. Also, you get distracted while playing games. So, it is important to get it fixed as soon as possible.

The Reason Behind Backlight Bleed

Several reasons initiate the problem but one of the most common faults that we observe in the screens is tightened screws of the display frame. This disturbs the alignment of the monitors and hence leads to leakage of the backlight.

That said, the following is a description of avoiding backlight bleed test for the monitor, so that you don’t end up having difficulty while viewing your screen:

Measures to Fix Backlight Bleed

Here are some of the most common measures that can help avoid the problem of backlight bleeding, So, let’s check them out:

Loosen the Screws

At times, it happens that the screws of the display frame are fixed too tightly that they disturb the alignment of the frame. This causes the light to escape out from the edges, causing the backlight to bleed.

To fix this, you simply need to take a screwdriver and loosen the screws a little bit. Remember here to not loosen the screws too much as it will cause your monitor display to fall out and break.

Twist the Frame

Secondly, you can also fix the problem by simply twisting the frame a little to adjust its alignment. Try not to deal with it hard as it can cause some other damages to your display.

Clean it with Microfiber Cloth

Another possible reason behind the problem is the accumulation of grease and dust in the corners of the display that prohibits the display to block the light completely. To avoid this, you can simply wipe out the dust and grease with a microfiber cloth.

Replace your Display

Lastly, when you fail to get rid of the problem with the above-given measures, the last option that you are left with is to replace your display. Instead of changing the whole monitor, you can simply get its display replaced by its manufacturer or any other authentic hardware shop.


Can you fix the backlight bleed?

Yes, it is surely possible to get the problem fixed by taking certain measures. The simplest solution to fix the problem is to loosen its extra tightened screws to bring the display frame to its actual alignment. Also, you can get it fixed by cleaning the accumulated dust and grease at the edges with a microfiber cloth.

Is backlight bleeding a big issue?

Although it is not easy to spot the problem, especially when you are using your monitor in a perfectly lighted room, still you cannot ignore it at all if you have figured it out in your monitor display. This problem causes trouble in your vision that leads to the disturbance in watching anything on your monitor.

Is backlight bleed normal in IPS display?

Yes, backlight bleed is quite normal in monitors with IPS display but to a limited extent. If you observe too much light coming out of the edges, then it is not good to ignore. So, you must be aware of the facts to detect and prevent the problem.

Some Final Words

So this was all about the facts regarding the backlight bleed test and its remedies. Though the issue is not very much problematic, still you need to be cautious to avoid any serious harm to your monitor.

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