Best Monitor Size for Gaming – [Updated Guide 2023]

While looking for the best gaming equipment, people often overlook the factor of the size of the display. This might seem to be a regular thing but turns out that this plays a vital role in productive and efficient gaming.

Having said that, with a plethora of monitor sizes available on the market, it is no piece of cake to choose the most appropriate one for you. So here you need to consider a guide like ours, on the best monitor size for gaming, which comprises all the essentials to be discussed in this regard.

On that note, let’s get down to explore the best among different sizes of display, in order to have the most amazing gaming experience. Also, we’d be considering the other elements that have a say in depicting the right monitor size for gaming.

With that being put up, let’s get started with our discussion without any further delay:


Best Monitor Size for Gaming 2022


Before we dive deep into the discussion and start to explore the different sizes for monitors, let’s have a look at the most fundamental aspect that defines the importance of the size of the monitor accordingly.

That is, the resolution of the screen depicts the ideal size of the monitor for gaming. Now having said that, let’s have a look at all of these elements concerning the ideal size of monitors for gaming.

Best Monitor Size: 1080p Gaming


Starting with the first one, a 24-inch 1080p monitor would be the best and most suited option for the most part. So much so, that 1920×1080 screen resolution is quite conveniently the best thing about rendering perfect pixels of the image.

With that being said, the 1080p monitor with 27 inches of screen size range is not a good option at all. With this much resolution on a 27 inches monitor, you will face a few problems.

Best Monitor Size: 1440p Gaming


At 1440p of gaming, the 27 inches monitor size becomes the most appropriate thing to buy. With this much monitor size, it’d produce 2560×1440 of screen resolution, which allows amazing picture quality.

Having said that, 1440p allows for a higher refresh rate value that makes the presence of a 27-inch monitor inevitable. Therefore, here, a 27-inch monitor or up to 27 inches from 24 inches monitor is needed.

Best Monitor Size: 4K


Last but definitely not least, having monitors or displays with 4K resolution can prove to be a big deal, as these require a lot of space on your office table or workspace. Not that they aren’t available in smaller sizes, but the ideal ones only come up in big, fat sizes of up to 32 inches or so!

Since the resolution of the monitor is quite high, it becomes very difficult to see everything, as it might pixelate the image. Hence, a wider screen size would be better. However, people prefer to have a 27 or 28 inches size also, and that’s not a bad option too.

Monitor Size Comparison for Gaming

The different monitor sizes for gaming have a range of options available that help you to choose from – keeping in view all the other elements as well. Now, in a similar context, we are going to discuss the major sizes of gaming monitors from other perspectives as well, so that you get to have a better idea of the ideal choice.

That said, let’s begin:

24” Monitor for Gaming


Apart from the resolution and other tech settings of a 24-inch monitor, it turns out to be one of the most reasonable picks for beginners out there. And the reason for that is its affordable price range.

Having said that, the other benefits you get to have from this size range of monitors include a space-saving piece of hardware, which can easily be placed on your worktable or gets simply aligned with your gaming setup.

Apart from that, the smaller screen size allows you to view each and every single thing clearly, even while sitting close to it. Adding to this, the small size of the monitor screen also enables higher pixel density, which results in extra clarity of the images. Hence it all combines to make it an ideal pick for most of the potential gamers.

27” Monitor for Gaming


Secondly, we have another common size of monitors available on the market, which is 27 inches. Monitors of this size range come with their benefits and hence stand out to be the best monitor size for gaming.

In fact, 27-inch monitor size is mostly preferred by professional gamers, as the curved design of the monitor also shows up in this size range. Apart from that, the monitor still maintains the 16:9 aspect ratio, which means that there isn’t any compromise on the performance.

34” Monitor for Gaming

34 Inch Monitor For Gaming

Lastly, we have the 34-inch monitor range for gaming, which is considered to be an ultra-wide display option for gamers. However, there are people, who prefer to have an immersive gametime, and hence spend their money on such big giants.

That being said, these ultrawide monitors deliver an aspect ratio of around 21:9, which means that you get to have a wider field of view.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a big-screen bad for gaming?

Comparatively, gamers mostly prefer not to have a too big screen for gaming. And the reason for that is big screens have a lot more input lag than the other ones. Besides, smaller screens allow more focus and fewer distractions, as bigger ones make you not see everything in them easily.

Is a curved monitor better for gaming?

Curved monitors, when in comparison with their rivals, tend to be more reliable for long hours of gaming. In fact, professional gamers out there prefer having a curved display instead of a straight one.

With that being said, the perks of having a curved monitor for gaming include no eye strain and less fatigue after hours of gaming. Also, you get to have an immersive experience as the pixels tend to be angled towards you, because of the curved screen.

Why do streamers use a 24-inch monitor?

A 24-inch monitor is one of the most preferred choices of streamers out there. The reason for it is that the screen size is big enough to accommodate all the details; and is a space-saving design, which doesn’t take up much of your table’s space!

Final Words

So it’s a wrap for the best monitor size for gaming in 2022. With an excess of options and size ranges available on the market, it gets really hard to get down to one appropriate choice for yourself.

Keeping that in mind, we tried to come up with all the important aspects that’d help you out in picking the best monitor size for you. So on that note, I hope that you found this piece of information helpful in this regard!

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