How to Connect Speakers To A Monitor in 2023?

With the recent invention in the computer industry, we don’t see many modern monitors having built-in speakers. Instead, you need to connect external speakers with them in order to get sounds out of them.

Apart from that, there can be another possibility as well, which could be that you need to have some add-on speakers connected to the monitor. That said, there can be any other possible reason behind connecting external speakers to a monitor.

Generally, it all comes down to knowing how to connect speakers to a monitor. So here is an exclusive guide, which includes all the elements that’d help you get speakers connected to a monitor.
Now without wasting time any further, let’s get down to it:


How to Connect External Speakers to Computer?


Here, we’ll be explaining how to connect speakers to PC with the help of a step-by-step set of instructions. So without any further ado, let’s get right into it:


There are only two cables that you need to consider in this process: the first one is the power cable and the second one is the audio jack.


So firstly, just simply plug the power cable adapter into a power outlet, in order to turn it on.


Now you have to plug the audio jack into the appropriate port. And for that, you need to turn to the back of your system.


Right after that, you need to spot the similarly-colored port as of your audio jack cable, in order to plug it into the right place. So for say, your audio cable is green in color, then you must plug it into the green port available at the back of your CPU.

And that’s pretty much it! That’s how you connect external speakers to your computer.

Note: If you can’t figure out the right port for your audio cable to be plugged into, then you can simply use the headphone jack present at the front of the CPU. This will also connect the speakers with your PC.

How to Connect External Speakers to a Dell Monitor

How To Connect Speakers To A Dell Monitor

Dell monitors do not come equipped with built-in speakers most of the time. So all you gotta do in this regard is simply connect an external audio system to them. Having said that, connecting external speakers to a Dell monitor is a no-brainer, as it features all the essentials that help in the easy plug-in of the speakers.

However, you still need to go through a few steps in order to do it right. So on that note, let’s get down to it and see what procedure it involves:

Things to Make Sure of:

Before you get started with the procedure, make sure to have an HDMI cable alongside speakers that are equipped with an HDMI output. This is crucial because the Dell monitor feature only an HDMI input port.

Now with that being said, let’s have a look at the series of steps in this regard:


Take the HDMI cable and plug both of its ends in the computer and speakers accordingly.


Now start your computer and drag the pointer to the bottom right of your desktop screen, where you’ll see the ‘Sound’ icon in the taskbar. Tap on that.


Afterward, you’ll see a pop-up menu, where you’ll have to locate the name of your speakers.


Now lastly, if you want to check whether your speakers are on mute or not, then simply scroll to the ‘Open Volume Mixer’ option after right-clicking on the Sound icon. There you can change the volume settings of your speakers.

And you’re done! This is how you can connect an external speaker to your dell monitor. Besides, if you want to know how to connect speakers to Samsung monitor, then follow the same steps, as the procedure for that is pretty much similar.

How to Connect Bluetooth Speakers to Monitor?


There can be many possible reasons for you to connect Bluetooth speakers to your monitor. Either you have a display type, which does not feature built-in speakers, or else you are using the monitor as a display for console gaming.

Whatever it might be, all you need to do is follow a few simple steps and get an immersive sound experience from your monitor. But prior to that, there are two options for you in this regard:

One is to get Bluetooth speakers and get it connected with the monitor; while the other is to purchase a USB to Bluetooth cable, in case your monitor doesn’t feature a Bluetooth option.

That said, let’s discuss all the major steps in this regard:


Turn your Bluetooth device on and make it ready to pair with other devices.


Now on your computer, go to the Start menu to open Settings. There, locate the option Devices, in which you have to scroll down to Bluetooth and Other Devices. Tap on that.


After that, click on Add Bluetooth or Other Devices, where you’ll see another option saying, Bluetooth. Click on that.


The last step would be completed automatically as both the devices will pair up and connect. And that’s how you’ll get to have an immersive sound experience via Bluetooth connection.


  1. How to connect speakers to monitor without audio jack?

    Don’t have audio input ports on your monitor? Don’t worry then, because we have brought you this easy and step-by-step procedure on how to get it done. Here we go:

    Firstly, plug any one of the streaming devices in your computer’s HDMI port. Secondly, connect the Video receiver to the monitor via an HDMI cable. And that’s how you connect speakers to a monitor without an audio jack.

  2. Is it possible to connect speakers to a monitor?

    Connecting speakers directly to your monitor is a no-brainer as it involves simple steps to do so. Besides, connecting external speakers is an option, however, you can opt for wireless, Bluetooth connections as well.

Summing Things Up

That was all about connecting speakers to your monitor. The process of pairing up an external sound system with your PCs directly, or making a connection with the monitor only, you need to keep into consideration a few major things. Other than that, it is way too easy to get it done.

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