IPS vs OLED – Which Display Type is Better? [Simple Guide]

IPS vs OLED are two giants of display technology that are currently dominating the industry. People are becoming more inclined towards knowing what the difference between the two is so that they have enough reasons to prefer one over the other.

Apart from that, IPS LCD is the most commonly found panel type in most displays. In fact, it’s the older version as well when compared with OLED – which is a recent invention.

Having said that, we are here to help you figure out the major differences between IPS LCD and OLED, along with a final verdict regarding which one’s better. So let’s not waste another minute, and get right into it.

Here we go:


IPS Display VS OLED Display – A Comparison:

The main difference between IPS and OLED is that IPS panels are available in a variety of
sizes whereas OLED panels are costly but they offer a better viewing angle and can create
darker blacks compared to IPS LCD screens.


Before we get down to compare and contrast the two leading display types, let’s briefly have an overview of the two.

So let’s begin:

What is IPS LCD?

Starting off with IPS LCD, it stands for In-Plane Switching Liquid Crystal Display. The IPS display provides backlight on all pixels, hence delivering a much better color and contrast ratio.

With that being said, the IPS LCD type has a grayish-black display instead of jet black. That aside, this panel type uses polarized light, which passes through a color filter, hence controlling the brightness.

What is OLED?

Coming to the OLED technology, it’s an acronym for Organic Light-Emitting Diode. OLED is one of the most recent and advanced types of display tech that is being used in almost every other high-end equipment such as TVs, mobile phones, computers, etc.

Apart from that, it comprises an organic layer that is placed between two electrodes. Adding to this, one of the two electrodes is transparent, which lets the light pass through it, hence producing images.


You know the basics of IPS LCD and OLED, including their manufacturing and way of working. So this brings us to our main discussion where we’ll be comparing the two display technologies with regards to different aspects. After that, we’ll decide which one’s better among them, based on the review or comparison.

So with that being said, let’s begin with it right away:

IPS vs OLED Display Quality

Ips Vs Oled Display Quality

IPS LCD vs. OLED display quality is quite similar to one another with a minor range of differences. Having said that, the OLEDs emit a rather dark black display than the IPS LCDs, which makes the image more clear and vivid.

Apart from that, LCDs let out a grayish kind of display, which reduces the image quality in comparison with the OLEDs. So conclusively, OLEDs win over the IPS panel types in terms of display quality.

IPS vs. OLED Display Price

As for the prices are concerned, OLEDs tend to be expensive than IPS LCD types. For the reason that LCD types are less pricey, their usage and demand have always been higher than any other display technology.

On the other side, OLED displays are exceptionally amazing in quality and are a recent edition as well, so they end up having a high yet justified price tag. However, a decrease in their prices is being observed since the recent upgrade.

IPS vs. OLED Display Resolution


Screen resolution is similar with both the display types. In fact, it’s way too good with IPS LCD and OLED both, for up to 4k Ultra HD resolution. So much so, that some of these even offer up to 8k as well.

IPS vs. OLED Display Viewing Angles and Visibility


IPS LCD gives a viewing angle of around 178-degree, which is fair, but not that exceptional as that with the OLED. You get to see the best image quality and perfect display, no matter the viewing angles.

As for the visibility factor is concerned, IPS LCD delivers better performance outdoors or in other artificial lights as they use their own backlight. On the other side, OLEDs turn out to be less-performing in the sunlight.

IPS vs. OLED Display Power Consumption

Owing to the fact that IPS displays use their own backlight, they tend to be more power-consuming than the OLED. On the other side, OLEDs have diodes that generate their own colors and everything, hence resulting in less power consumption.

IPS LCD vs. OLED Panel: Summary

So before we wrap up with our discussion, let’s have a roundup of everything and put forward a final verdict regarding the best one out of these two. So on that note, let’s get started with that:

OLED is one of the latest display technologies that have the finest of image display quality, best viewing angles, amazing screen resolutions, and thinner size. However, on the downside, they tend to be heavier on budget and lack performance when outdoors.

On the flip side, IPS LCDs are best in price, give the most vivid display, and appear to be more performing in the outdoors than any other. Nonetheless, they operate with high power consumption and limited viewing angles.


Keeping in view all of the above-mentioned details, we conclude that OLED panel type is better and more functional than IPS LCD, only if budget is not a problem for you. However, the latter is also is a good choice but when in comparison with OLED, nothing gets any better!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is OLED better than IPS?

    Both of them have their advantages, which make them the leading display technologies. However, OLED takes an edge over IPS LCD due to its vivid display quality with a higher refresh rate than its rival.

    That being said, IPS LCD outshines OLED with regards to its longer lifespan and budget-friendly price range. So overall, both of them offer great perks yet OLED sets the bar high with its advanced features.

  2. Is IPS or OLED better for gaming?

    IPS offers a better size option with an added perk of the price range. Whereas, OLED brings about the benefit of better viewing angles, and higher response time and refresh rate. So it all comes down to the users’ choices; for whether they want to prefer price over features or not!

  3. Which is better IPS, OLED, or AMOLED?

    All of these three-panel types are the giants in display technology. In fact, AMOLED is an upgrade of OLED, which makes it the most magnificent display to date. It offers better viewing angles than IPS and OLED both. However, IPS and OLED have benefits that are of considerable importance. But for the sake of argument, nothing beats AMOLED.

  4. Which is better IPS or LED display?

    IPS displays offer more power consumption and better on-screen performance than LED panels. Nevertheless, LEDs tend to provide brighter screens as compared to IPS, yet it lacks behind IPS in other features.

Final Takeaways: OLED vs. IPS

This was all concerning the IPS display vs. OLED. If you are looking for a vibrant display for your gaming setup, or else you are thinking to buy a new TV, then better go over the details of different panel types first.

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