Monitor Screen Size Comparison [2023] – A Guide for Gamers

Processing speed, memory, and graphics are all aspects that are frequently discussed in the technology world.

When it comes to computer monitors, there isn’t nearly as much information available.

So, for your convenience, we have put together all information on monitor screen size comparison.

When selecting the ideal computer for your needs, the display size is vital to consider.

Go through this article thoroughly to determine what size monitor you’ll require for the most typical computing tasks performed nowadays.

What is the Best Monitor Size for Gaming?


According to Digital Computer, both 24 and 27 inches displays are among the most popular gaming monitors available on the market today.

Because each manufacturer concentrates on designing a convenient size for folks to use at home, this is the case. Furthermore, because many people use it as a personal computer, it is still a manageable size.

To choose the best monitor size for gaming, the comparison between a 24-inch and 27-inch screen is significant for your future gaming experience.

Factors to Consider – Monitor Screen Size Comparison in 2022

For an accurate monitor screen size comparison in 2021, we have compiled four significant points that can create a fair comparison. So, let us move towards them:


Many people are unaware that the sizes of 24 inches and 27 inches refer to the size of the LCD screen rather than the size of the monitor itself.

When it comes to the ultrawide monitor size comparison, the inches that reflect the size are essential. Although it appears to be both vertical and horizontal, this inch represents the display’s diagonal length.

First and foremost, we’d like you to see the comparison through the lens of a camera. Place two measurements of 24 inches and 27 inches next to each other, and the resulting impression of size will look like this.

Although the diagonal difference between them is just around 7.5 cm when they are placed side by side, you may not notice it till you hold the 27-inch in front of you, at which point the difference will become apparent.

Easy to Read Distance


Another thing you should know is the distance between your eyes and the computer monitor.

There is an appropriate distance between you and your monitor that is determined by the size of your display.

If you stop and think about it, don’t you believe that it will be too large to run your computer if you put a 32-inch screen on your desk?

According to my own experience with monitors ranging from 22-inch to 32-inch in size, the optimal distance for gaming is to have a pleasant view of the overall screen.

Full HD Image Quality


The 24-inch + full HD screen is considered the most popular, but is the pixel’s roughness evident on the 27-inch full HD screen as well? When you examine the pictures from 24-inch + full HD with 27-inch + full HD, you will notice a significant variation.

If the size difference is significant, as when comparing 24 inches and 32 inches, the difference in image quality will be evident; but, if the size difference is minor, as when comparing 24 inches and 27 inches, you shouldn’t be concerned.

We are also using 4K monitors (a 24-inch and a 27-inch), but we couldn’t tell the difference in picture quality when we attempted flipping the panel and zooming in on the screen when we were testing it.

For the 27-inch screen, a high-quality monitor with full HD or more excellent resolution is recommended, such as a WQHD or 4K display.

Easier Installation

The 24-inch model is more convenient to install because of its smaller size. Because the 27-inch is broader, it requires more depth to be seen. Furthermore, the stunts get slightly larger in proportion to the size of the desk, which may result in the stunts taking up more space.

Based on these considerations, a desk with a depth of around 60 cm for 24 inches and an approximate depth of 70 cm for 27 inches would be my preference.

The size of the desk determines whether or not a 27-inch monitor can be installed. Thus it is not an easy task to install. It is possible to give up and make it 24 inches deep, float it in the air with a monitor arm, or add a keyboard slider if the depth is insufficient.

What is the Recommended Use for a 24″ Monitor Screen Size?

From the 24″ monitor screen size comparison, we realized that it is ideal for people who have a small space or who are primarily interested in first-person shooter games.

Even if an attacker arrives from the edge of the screen, you will not be able to defeat him unless you react quickly and decisively.

The fact that you don’t leave much distance between you and your monitor means that you can check from end to end with a minimal bit of swinging, making it simple to check the enemy search as well as the HUD. Because it is lightweight and compact, it is simple to operate.

It may come as a surprise that professional gamers are incredibly fussy about the size of their monitors because it is so crucial that it affects the outcome.

A 24-inch gaming monitor is ideal for first-person shooters since it lets you see the entire screen comfortably.

What is the Recommended Use for a 27″ Monitor Screen Size?

From the 27″ monitor screen size comparison, we have observed that once you go up to 27 inches in size, it becomes more challenging to maintain the same sensation of distance between your hands and the entire screen.

In the case of Full HD, the visual acuity will be a little rough at first, but it will become accustomed to itself. Because the opponent appears to be quite large, we believe it is preferable for more challenging to control.

It will deliver the most incredible gaming experience when seen from a regular viewing distance and at 1440p resolution.

While 24 / 1080p is acceptable, 27 / 1440p is significantly superior because it occupies a more significant portion of the field of vision and has a more excellent resolution.

As long as you can run games at their original resolution on that display, you should be able to avoid having to zoom in excessively, and you should have no trouble navigating the UI and system menus.

Because the 27-inch makes the most of its available power, RGB, which specializes in high-resolution graphics, is the most excellent option for this model.

If the screen size is 27 inches or more, a monitor with a 4K resolution is also possible. For individuals who want to appreciate beautiful portrayals, a screen size of 27 inches is advised.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which monitor screen size is best for gaming?

24 and 25-inch displays provide sufficient screen space for gaming, and it is more accessible to view it all in your field of vision. such as maps, during competitive gaming while using a 24- or 25-inch monitor. A smaller screen also comes with a high pixel density, which translates to superior text clarity compared to larger panels with the same resolutions as a smaller screen.

What is a good size for a monitor?

The majority of consumers will be pretty content with a screen size ranging between 24 and 30 inches. Their high resolution and color clarity allow you to make the most of today’s technology. They also allow you to have a couple of different web pages open at once without using two monitors, which is convenient for many business people.

How do you compare screens?

The following pointers will help you in comparing screens:

1. When you first start looking for a new monitor, you should compare LCDs based on their screen size.

2. Take a look at the resolution that the LCD monitor has to offer.

3. Look for the contrast ratio on the LCD monitor package or in the information leaflet, if it is available.

4. Examine the various viewing angles from which the LCD monitor is comfortably readable.

5. Find an LCD monitor with a greater refresh rate than the one you now have.

6. Always be on the lookout for LCDs that don’t come equipped with the connectors you’ll need to connect to your present computer.

Conclusion: Monitor Size Comparison

You can evaluate the pros and cons of each by contrasting the 24-inch and 27-inch screens by size and detailed features.

In terms of size, consider what you’ll be using it for most of the time when you select other computer components, as well as whether you’ll be able to maintain a decent distance from your monitor.

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