How To Switch Monitor 1 And 2? Switch Monitors Easily

How to Switch Monitor 1 and 2? Switch Monitors Easily

When you are using more than one monitor to increase the productivity of your work or enhance your gaming or multimedia experience, you often need to switch between the screen. The most common method is dragging your mouse around between the extended displays and clicking on the desired tab across the multimonitor setup, which can…

Msi Optix Mpg341Cqr Review 2023 – Ups And Downs Discussed

MSI Optix MPG341CQR Review 2023 – Ups and Downs Discussed

The MSI MPG341CQR is a gaming monitor that cannot be denied since its ultra-wide-angle aspect ratio, RGB lighting, and unframed bezels at the bottom and back of its display have a distinct gaming design.This includes the stand, which can be tilted, swiveled, and raised, as well as the sharp edges and copper accents on it….

What Is Monitor Ghosting And How To Fix It?

What Is Monitor Ghosting And How To Fix It?

Monitor ghosting can be the worst and most annoying issue on your PC. Facing ghosting on your monitor can frustrate you while decreasing your performance during any graphic work. This is a little path of pixels that follows development across your screen and ends up being a diverting presence. Screen ghosting can likewise frequently take…

8 Best Gaming Monitors Under 150 Usd For Gaming Enthusiasts 2023

8 Best Gaming Monitors Under 150 USD For Gaming Enthusiasts 2023

Looking for a new monitor but don’t want to break the bank? Are you in the market for a new monitor but don’t want to spend much money? Check out our list of the best monitor under 150 for gaming! Whether you’re looking for a gaming monitor or just need something to get your work…

How To Connect Speakers To A Monitor In 2023?

How to Connect Speakers To A Monitor in 2023?

With the recent invention in the computer industry, we don’t see many modern monitors having built-in speakers. Instead, you need to connect external speakers with them in order to get sounds out of them. Apart from that, there can be another possibility as well, which could be that you need to have some add-on speakers…

What Is Monitor Vignetting? How To Avoid It?

What is Monitor Vignetting? How to Avoid It?

Monitor vignetting is one of the common monitor defects that cause the screen to get dark from the corners. This panel issue occurs due to bad uniformity of colors and also poor brightness uniformity as well. With that being said, the panel’s bad brightness harmony causes the edges of the screen to appear dimmer than…

What Monitor Do I Have? – Know Your Monitor’S Model!

What Monitor Do I Have? – Know Your Monitor’s Model!

It is quite common for people to be unaware about the type of computer systems or the devices they own. The most common reason is that either they have bought it from a shop that sells refurbished goods or they don’t have enough knowledge regarding the latest innovations and the technologies that have taken place…

How To Change Monitor To 144Hz In 2023? Troubleshooting The Problem

How to Change Monitor to 144Hz in 2023? Troubleshooting the Problem

The excitement of getting a new “144Hz Monitor” is something else for gamers. I mean, I remember updating my monitor to a 144Hz one, and damn! It was so soothing to play games like Fortnite and Apex Legends on High Settings. One problem that many gamers ignore while using a 144Hz monitor is that it…

Nano-Ips Vs Ips Technology 2023 — Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Nano-IPS vs IPS Technology 2023 — Here’s Everything You Need to Know

In-Plane Switching technology or IPS panels provide you with high color accuracy, wide color gamut coverage, and rich color reproduction. There was no doubt that the IPS panels are better than VA and TN panels in terms of color reproduction. However, the IPS technology still have some flaws. Well, nothing is ever perfect and there…