Samsung C24F396/CF396 Review 2023 – Everything You Need To Know

Everything is advancing nowadays. Every new day begins with an invention of a new thing or a technology. Curved monitors have been on notice since 2013, and now they are taking a boom in the world of technology.

They are made to be used for everyday working, gaming, or other purposes in office life. The specialty of these monitors is to view everything at once without straining your eyes.

Every company introduces the best products, but while selecting for our use, we genuinely scroll different sites to look for all the details. Here we have gathered all the information placed on different sites regarding Samsung C24F396/CF396 to make your search easy.

We have collected, assembled, and organized the complete details and description of this monitor screen and mentioned them here. This is to make your search productive and successful without wasting time searching for the right site.

Samsung C24F396/CF396: Budget Curved FreeSync Gaming Monitor

Samsung C24F396/CF396


Ratings (4.5/5)


23.5” Curved Computer Monitor, AMD FreeSync for Advanced Gaming

  • Immersive Viewing Experience
  • Super Slim Design
  • Advanced Gaming w/ AMD FreeSync Technology 
  • 4ms Response Time
  • Flicker-Free Technology
  • Brilliant Picture Quality

Reviewing all the specs and features present in Samsung C24F396/cf396. It will help you understand the description of specs and the characteristics you will get along with C24F396/CF396.



If you want something more stunning and bold in your gaming experience, go with C24F396/CF396. The 1800R curvature present in this monitor screen gives you an outstanding, considerable and panoramic experience of views in your gaming and working.

The perfection of the curvature in the human eye is copied in the manufacturing of this Samsung C24F396/CF396 screen. This makes it ideal for those who are in search of medically approved monitors.

A delightful and comfortable viewing angle without any strain on the eyes or brain is being experienced by the users. Many of the users review that they felt no stress and strain on their eyes throughout the watching time even if they watched for much longer hours.

Since the curvature of the screen has been designed after inspiration from the curvature of the human eye, it is best suitable for those who work and play for long hours in their professional life.

Picture Quality


The mesmerizing and pure picture quality will let you see every magical color present on your screen. 1080p display, when working together with VA vertical alignment panel, results in the excellent composition of the picture on the screen.

The 3000:1 contrast ratio will make you able to see every color present on the screen. Moreover, you will be able to distinguish clearly between dark and light shades of every color.

The viewable screen in this Samsung C24F396/CF396 is 23.5 inches in size. And with this size of the screen, the 1080p resolution gives you an outstanding density of the pixels, which is 93 pixels per inch. This much detail available in the specs of this Samsung monitor makes the image sharper and clearer to view.

Furthermore, because of the presence of this VA panel, the viewing angle becomes 178 degrees. This viewing angle is wide enough to give you a stable look at all the contrasts, colors, and brightness even if you change the angle of your sight.

This C24F396 or CF396 monitor will give you a perfectly adventurous and colorful experience of real-life gaming within your reach.



The 1800R radius with a curvy body makes the look of this monitor attractive. The sides of the monitor are very slim in their physical look.

With only 10.28 pounds of weight, these Samsung C24F396/CF396 monitor screen dimensions are 21.6 × 12.8 × 3.4 inches in total. Moreover, you can conveniently adjust and tilt the monitor according to your ease.

Furthermore, there is a stand which comes with this monitor screen. It allows you to make your monitor located on any desk or table you want.

The sleek and slim design of this monitor with only 0.5 inches of thickness makes it look elegant and stylish. The matte black finish on this ultra-slim body adds to the beauty and class of this monitor.

Build Quality

Samsung C24F396 Build Quality

The plastic composition of the C24F396/CF396 LCD monitor by Samsung makes it light in weight but highly durable. It is composed and constructed in such a way that will make it last longer than usual LCDs and monitors. The plastic used is of high quality, which makes it unbreakable and resistant.

There is something worrying about the construction of this LCD as it contains all the wires and ports in the back of the monitor.

Because of this reason, you cannot mount it conveniently on the wall. Otherwise, if you are looking for a monitor to place only on the table, then this C24F396/CF396 is the best of all choices.



With the availability of 16.9 million colors, you can view the picture in every color and every color contrast. This helps you to view various colors available on the screen.

With these 16.9 million colors, the color contrast on the screen makes the image and picture quality more attractive and colorful to see.



This Samsung monitor is known for its adjustability features available in the settings. It comes with an inbuilt joystick located at the back of the monitor to help you make various settings according to your choice.

You can increase or decrease the brightness, sharpen or lighten the color contrast of the image, can amend colors, and can change other settings whenever the need is.

Moreover, the tearing of images has been minimized to the maximum level with the use of the inbuilt AMD freesync feature.

The upscale feature is also editable, which is used to enhance or decrease the resolution of images, converting the quality images into high-quality images.

Furthermore, it consists of an eye-saving feature responsible for reducing image flickering and blue light, which is harmful to your eyes.



The motion performance of the Samsung C24F396/CF396 is outstanding and unique as it comes with adjustable and fine response time. You can adjust the response time by yourself according to your needs.

Standard, faster, and fastest response time modes are available, among which you can select according to your preference.

Moreover, it is a flicker-free monitor which works together with the availability of excellent response time to give you the fantastic performance of motion pictures.


Samsung Cf396 Adjustability

The easy adjustment and installation process of this monitor makes it easy to use. Moreover, the maintenance is also very convenient without many complications.

The settings of the wires are made easy because there are labeled input plugs present in the back, making it easier for the user to set up the connections.

The headphone jack and HDMI port are located at the back of the monitor. They both are easy to access and make connections too.


The top attractive feature of this Samsung cf396 is that it is highly affordable. With these features and characteristics, it is said to be the most affordable among all monitors of Samsung. Not only are the features of the C24F396 great, but also the specs included in it and the functions it performs are also excellent.

Wider viewing angles with 1080 resolution and 93 pixels per inch make the image highly attractive and viewable.

Furthermore, the product comes with a three years-long warranty in which you can contact the manufacturer in case of any technical fault. This feature also makes the product reliable and trustworthy to buy.



Does the LG monitor have speakers?

No LG monitors do not contain any inbuilt speakers. Instead, they are constructed in a way that they contain ports for headphone and speaker cable. You can connect your speakers and headphones with the monitor through the connections made via ports available.

What are IPS and VA?

IPS stands for In-plane Switching, and VA stands for Vertical Alignment. They are somehow similar, but there are two fundamental differences present between both of them.

VA panel is said to have high contrast ratio, whereas IPS contains a low contrast ratio. Alternatively, the VA panel gives a narrow viewing angle, and IPS goes with a wider viewing angle than the VA.

What is the tiltable monitor?

A tiltable monitor screen is an LCD screen that moves around one pivot point. It is a moveable screen that is not rigid and fixed. This type of screen is called a tilting or tiltable screen.

Is 60 Hz good for gaming?

60 Hz monitor or screen make sure the display of 60 images per second. It is said to be an ideal monitor for gaming beginners. In those games based on slow-moving or few moving pictures, 60 Hz plays a good role and displays a good picture.


Numerous and various features are present in this curvy Samsung monitor at an incredibly affordable price. With high versatility, you can use this monitor at your office, in your home, or in your gaming zone. Moreover, the colors available make the viewing picture more attractive and appealing.

You can select this monitor for your living room or even for your bedroom to make your entertainment more colorful that too at an affordable price. Moreover, vibrant colors and high-resolution picture quality makes it ideal for gaming. I will recommend you to select this monitor because of the availability of various outstanding and amazing features at an affordable price.

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