Samsung U28E590D Review – Pros and Cons of the New PC Monitor

If you are looking for a cheap 4k monitor then the Samsung U28E590D is the right choice for you. It is one of the cheapest 4k monitors on the market that allows a good experience while gaming or working. It brings in a sharp and crisp image with perfect colors because of its 4k resolution.

Apart from that, if you are an enthusiastic gamer then you can surely go for it as its 4k resolution can run PC and console games along with other applications without any problem. Moreover, with its fastest response time of 1ms, you can enjoy playing games doing your work on it without any delay.

With that being said, we bring you a complete and detailed review of the Samsung U28E590D. All its basic features are enlisted below. You can have an overview of the Samsung U28E590D specs with this detailed guide.

So, without further delay, let’s check it out:

Samsung U28E590D Specs:

SAMSUNG U28E590D 28-Inch 4k UHD LED-Lit Monitor

Ratings (4/5)
  • Ultra HD picture quality
  • AMD FreeSync and 1ms response time
  • 1 billion colors
  • Picture in Picture (PIP) 2.0 technology
  • Vesa mounting interface

AMD FreeSync and Refresh Rate


First things first, the best thing about this monitor is that it features an AMD FreeSync option, which is the ultimate necessity in gaming equipment. That being said, what it does is that it automatically sync your computer’s refresh rate with the frames per rate value of the screen.

And all of this turns out to be exceptionally in favor of gamers, as the screen-tearing is minimized, chances of getting input lag are reduced, and above all, the hassle of VSync or GSync is eliminated. Isn’t that great?!

Talking about the refresh rate of this monitor, it enables 60 Hz of screen refresh time. Now, this can be a little problematic because of its limited refreshing value. Not that it isn’t good enough, but the thing is that for heavy-duty games or intensive multitasking, this much of a refresh rate value doesn’t makeup to be ideal.

So turns out that this is a limitation in this monitor, and thus while FreeSync-ing, the FPS needs to be restricted to 60 as well, in order to get it done smoothly.

Response Time

Here comes the most crucial part of any PC monitor: its response time. With everything aside, the excellent responsiveness of the new Samsung U28E590D monitor is what really makes it stand out.

With that being said, the 1 ms of response time enhances the clarity of the images. In addition to that, it reduces input lag to maximum, so that there is no such thing as screen-tearing anymore.



Samsung U28E590D is not just a highly functional monitor, but pretty stylish addition to your desktop. Its sleek design makes it look super cool. Additionally, its matte black body frame gives it an elegant appearance.

Apart from its good looks, the Samsung U28E590D has a durable build. Though its frame looks quite thin, it is made up of sturdy material that essentially lasts longer than other monitors of the same category.

Moreover, this incredibly built monitor comes with a T-shaped stand that also adds to its stylish look. Also, it keeps it stand firm and stable on the desktop.

Samsung U28E590D Best Settings

Now you can easily perform multitasking on this amazing monitor as it offers the picture in picture or PIP technology. With this, you can play your favorite movies, videos, or tracks in one window and at the same time, you can have your work done on the other window.

Moreover, the Samsung U28E590D can serve to be your best multitasking partner in offices as well; the reason being its super-fast responsiveness while browsing through different tabs. Having said that, working on spreadsheets simultaneously with performing another task on it has become a breeze with this monitor.

Picture Quality


Coming to its vibrant picture quality, this masterpiece delivers a pixel pitch of 0.006 horizontal x 0.006 vertical in inches. This means that you get to view images at maximum clarity and preciseness.

Having said that, the minimum brightness of up to 310 cd per m2 makes sure that you don’t put so much effort and concentration on the screen in order to focus. Apart from that, the eye-saver mode quickly takes charge of ensuring that you don’t feel any stress, as it limits the blue light emissions.

Samsung U28E590D Calibration

The calibration of the Samsung monitor under consideration is really up to the mark as it offers tremendous options to personalize the screen. So much so, that you can now get things done, like giving your color profile name, by following a simple series of steps.

Now with that said, let’s talk about the procedure of having done the Samsung U28E590D calibration. The first step is to click on ‘System Preferences’ and scroll down to ‘Displays’. Tap on that, and follow it by clicking on ‘Calibrate’ in the next window. Having done that, find the ‘Screen calibration assistant’ option, and finish the procedure accordingly.

Downsides of the Samsung U28E590D Monitor

Now that we are done discussing all the perks of this brand new Samsung monitor, let’s have a look at the possible downsides of this masterpiece as well. So without further ado, let’s get straight to it:

Power Button is Not That Good

  • Firstly, the power button responsible for turning on or off the monitor takes a little while to operate. In addition to that, the switch inputs drag a little to get the job done.

LED Backlight is a Bit Problematic

  • Another setback of this monitor is its LED backlight bleeding. This occurs when the light emission from the corners of the bezel or screen gets higher and reaches a point of irritation. Not only that, but it also increases the chances of unclear vision.

Mounting is an Issue

  • Lastly, one of the major issues with the Samsung U28E590D PC monitor is that it is way too hard to install and set up. So much that you can hardly get it mounted within a limited time. Also, the procedure it follows is also quite difficult. So it all adds up to make it a complex installation.

Why You Should Buy Samsung U28E590D?

Here we’ll be discussing some of the tangible reasons that’ll give you enough proof for investing your hard-earned money in this. That being said, let’s get right into it:

Response Time Speed

  • Starting off with the amazing responsiveness of this monitor, you get to have a swift response time from this display. In addition to that, its accelerated operation maximizes productivity as well.

Distinctive Ergonomics

  • The unique design of the Samsung U28E590D can be a good enough option to back your purchase. With this, you can rest assured that there is no boring piece of hardware coming your way!

Suitable For Gamers

  • And lastly, for the professional gamers out there, this monitor would be one of the best picks this year; as it offers massive control over FPS and refresh rate syncing.

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Summing Things Up

So this was all about the new Samsung U28E590D monitor. I hope you found all the relevant information that’d help you in making the final decision regarding the purchase. Having said that, the Samsung U28E590D best settings make sure that your money doesn’t go to waste!

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Refresh Rate60 Hertz
Screen Size28 Inches
Total HDMI Ports2
Response Time1 ms
Max Screen Resolution‎4K, 3840 X 2160 Resolution
Display TypeUHD display
Mount Type

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