Viewsonic VP2468 Review – Everything You Need To Know

Stepping into the world of photography and web designing wasn’t easy for me. The constant need to play with colors to create unique combinations and editing the photographs is quite a stretch without a good monitor.

And that is where my need for a good monitor stemmed. With the passing years, I kept bouncing back and forth like a shuttlecock between different monitors. But none of those worked out for me.

By that point, I had completely lost faith in ever finding my dream monitor when a friend suggested investing in the ViewSonic VP2468 monitor. I was a little skeptical at first, given my long history of dissatisfaction with my previous monitors and the surprising affordability of this one.

However, still, I decided to give it a try. After all, I had nothing to lose here. I searched it online and placed an order, and within a week, the ViewSonic VP2468 monitor was at my doorstep.

Believe me or not, the almighty ViewSonic VP2468 monitor turned out to be a literal game-changer for me. The sharp contrasts and picture resolution made web designing and photo editing a piece of cake.

So, now here I am to impart all my hard-earned knowledge and wisdom to you guys. So, people, gird your loins and dig right into the review of my favorite monitor ever!

Viewsonic VP2468 Review

ViewSonic VP2468


Ratings (4.6/5)


24-Inch Premium IPS 1080p Monitor

  • Full HD (1920x1080p) advanced ergonomic
  • four-sided ultra-thin bezel
  • Ultimate color accuracy
  • Quick and Easy calibration 
  • Flexible Connectivity


Viewsonic VP2468 is a fantastic monitor screen that will make your life easier tenfolds. It has a 24-inch screen size and a heavenly resolution of 1920x1080p. This monitor has a glossy screen surface and consists of five USB 3.0 ports.

Apart from that, this monitor has a total weight of 7 pounds and measures ‎1.9 x 21.2 x 12.2 inches. However, it is only available in black color. It operates on a single processor and has ‎DDR4 SDRAM computer memory.


Viewsonic Vp2468 Appearance

Speaking about the looks and physique of this monitor, it is one fine specimen with sleek looks and a glossy screen. The screen has a full coverage of anti-glare protection, which gives it a glossy look.

Besides, the matte body and delicate frame give the ViewSonic VP2468 monitor a very stylish form. It has slender yet firm bezels with a width of 0.2 and 0.3 inches. The buttons to control the screen display are at the back so as not to spoil the stylish looks.

Easy To Set Up And Use


For a monitor as large as this one, it is surprisingly easy to set up. You will get all the screws required to assemble the item. Along with that, you will also receive a detailed user manual that will explain in detail which part goes where.

So you will have absolutely no problem setting the whole thing up. Just follow the instructions and screw the screws into place. Through personal experience, I can tell that it will only take about forty minutes to get it all set up and ready to roll!

Color Accuracy


My favorite part about this monitor is that it has the most brilliant color accuracy that you will ever see. It has a smooth color pallet composed of 4.39 trillion colors that will provide you with a vibrant motion picture.

Besides, one of the most common issues photographers and designers face is the lack of color saturation in the display, which ultimately alters the complete outlook of the pictures and designs. However, this monitor’s detailing in color contrasts will eliminate any such possibility, thereby making the pictures look the same as on any other device.

Vast Connectivity Options

Viewsonic Vp2468 Connectivity Options

Another convenient feature of the Viewsonic VP2468 is that it comes with a wide variety of connectivity options.

The most prominent amongst all is that you can easily connect it to the MacBook as well as iMac, which is different became not many desktops are as easily compatible with the desktops as this one. Apart from that, you can also easily connect it to PCs and Laptops through an HDMI 1.4 USB port.

Besides, this desktop also has Daisy Chain enabled DisplayPort in addition to Mini DisplayPort inputs.



Now moving on to the most awaited part, i.e., what is included in the package. So, as I mentioned earlier, you get all the stuff needed to assemble the desktop, including screws and detailed instructions manual for the LCD monitor.

Other than that, you get a power cable to connect the desktop to the electrical circuit, a 3.0 USB cable for connecting the desktop to other units, and a Mini DP to DP cable. So, you won’t have to buy the necessary stuff separately as they come in the box with the desktop.

ViewSonic VP2468



  • Highly durable
  • Bright contrasts
  • Best color precision
  • Mindblowing HD resolution
  • Highly affordable
  • Stylish looks
  • Efficient use of eye-care technology
  • Flicker-free motion picture
  • Low power consumption


  • No in-built speakers
  • The highest picture resolution is only 1080p
  • Control buttons are hidden at the back


Can I connect my MacBook and iMac to Viewsonic VP2468 monitor?

Yes, you can easily connect the Viewsonic VP2468 to MacBook or iMac. The compatibility between them is incredible.

However, you must make sure that the connectivity ports between the MacBook and Viewsonic VP2468 or iMac and Viewsonic VP2468 are compatible. Otherwise, you will face connectivity issues, or you might not be able to connect the wires at all.

Can you play games on Viewsonic VP2468?

With the new and improved coloring and picture resolution, you will have the best gaming experience of your life. It has a considerably reduced lag time which means that you can play video games without facing that annoying lag.

To top it all, this monitor has a layer of anti-glare protection that will eliminate the risk of potential damage to your retina due to prolonged hours of usage. So, while playing video games on this monitor, you won’t have to worry about ruining your eyesight.

Does ViewSonic vp2468 monitor have speakers?

Although ViewSonic vp2468 monitor is a wonderful device with almost all the advanced features, this model’s significant setback is that it lacks speakers. You will have to purchase the speakers separately and attach them to the monitor to be able to hear sound. Apart from this minor lacking, this monitor works wonders when it comes to performance and durability.

Why won’t my ViewSonic VP2468 monitor connect?

There are many reasons why your ViewSonic VP2468 monitor is not connecting. For this purpose, you might want to check the main power outlet switch to ensure that it is connected and receiving the required voltage to function. If the problem still persists, you can try changing the HDMI and DVI cables because a faulty cable can also cause disturbances in proper connectivity.

How do I get my ViewSonic VP2468 monitor to work?

To get started, you must ensure that your main power switch on the wall is functioning correctly. For this purpose, you can connect another electrical device to that switch for testing. Next, connect the power cord very carefully but firmly to the outlets so that the cord would disengage while you are working on the monitor. Finally, push the power button on the monitor to kickstart the device. And Voila! You are all set and ready to roll!

How do you unlock a ViewSonic VP2468 monitor?

Unlocking a ViewSonic VP2468 monitor is simple but requires a little command; otherwise, you won’t have full access to the monitor’s control panel. So, in order to get full access to the control panel of this monitor, all you have to do is press and hold two buttons simultaneously. These two buttons are the number 1 key and down arrow. You must press them together for good ten seconds, and when you release them, you will notice an instant control panel pop-up.

Final Thoughts

Reading all these glowing words about the ViewSonic VP2468 monitor must have drawn a clear picture of what you will get out of this purchase. In short, it is going to be the best money you have ever spent. The sleek looks and ease of usability will have you hooked to the screen of this monitor for days. Besides, your photo editing and all types of designing work will become surprisingly easy for you.

On the other hand, the bright contrasts and showcase of different colors significantly modify your viewpoint regarding the design and color combinations. Keeping all these substantially fulfilling characteristics in mind, I would highly recommend anybody reading my article give it a try at least once. You are guaranteed to be highly satisfied with its performance and power.

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