What is Backlight Bleed & How Can You Fix It? [Simple Guide]

If you are using your monitor for a while and observe a glow around its edges then you must become alert as it is the most common defect that is observed in displays. This backlight leaking is commonly known as backlight bleeding.

In most cases, the backlight leakage is not very noticeable and you don’t even get to know about the problem. But, at times, the problem turns out to be severe that it starts affecting the clarity of the image and vision. Hence, it all comes down to the recognition of the problem in the first place, and then going for a fix.

On that note, we bring your this informative piece of writing that not just discusses the details about what backlight bleed is but also elaborates the common causes of the problem. Along with that, some basic measures that can be taken to avoid the problem are also being listed.

So, without wasting any time, let’s get started:

What are the Causes of Backlight Bleed?


Though it is quite obvious by the name, backlight bleed is the leakage of backlight behind the display. There is a whole big panel of light behind the display that throws lights on the display to create different images.

That said, in case of backlight bleed, what happens is that the display is unable to block all the unnecessary lights that are not required to create the image, which results in leakage of those lights. This not just disturbs your vision but also makes your display look pretty odd.

Although several reasons lead to this problem, the most common ones include manufacturing problems, poor quality control, and faulty design of the monitor. In addition to that, deviation in the alignment of the layers used in IPS panels is also one of the major causes of this issue.

Now in order to counter the problem, it is important to get fully aware of it. So here are some of the types of backlight bleed that are commonly observed in monitors. Let’s check them out:

Types of Backlight Bleed

On a broader level, you will witness the two common types of backlight bleed. These are:

1. Clouding

Clouding In A Monitor

In this type of Backlight bleed, you will witness some scattered light portions on the screens appearing with some distance between them. The reason behind this is that the light behind the display does not fall on it properly.

Moreover, the scattered light patches indicate that the light falls on some parts and the rest of the part remains dark. This uneven light fall on display causes trouble in vision and image creation.

2. Flash Lighting

Flash Lighting In A Monitor
Flash Lighting In A Monitor

This type of backlight bleed is rare and occurs less commonly. In this case, what happens is that the edges of the display throw more light and the center remains darker comparatively.

The light slips out the edges and leaves the center dark. This occurs when the backlight bleed gets severe and needs to be fixed at its earliest.

How to Test Backlight Bleeding

To make sure that whether you are having this issue with your monitor or is it just your illusion, it is better to conduct a backlight bleed test. And to do so, you can simply access https://backlightbleedtest.com/. (We’ll enter our own tool here once it gets developed!)

While performing the test, if your entire screen turns dark, then your display does not have the problem of backlight bleed. On the other hand, if you witness some parts of your screen lighted, then it is clear evidence that your display is having an IPS backlight bleed and it needs to be fixed.

Backlight Bleed Fix


As soon as you figure out the problem, the next step is to search for ways to fix it. So if you are either looking for a Samsung TV backlight bleed fix, or of any other device, then we have got something very appropriate for you!

Here are some easy ways that can fix your problem and get you a clear vision of your display. So, without wasting a minute, let’s check them out:

1. Loosen the Display Screws

At times, the reason behind the backlight bleed is that the screws on the edges of the frame are screwed too tightly that disturbs the light distribution.

To fix the problem, you just need to take a screwdriver and loosen the screws a little to adjust the light issue. Here, you need to make sure that you do not extra loosen the screws as it can cause the display to fall and break.

2. Lightly Twist the Display Frame

Secondly, backlight bleed occurs at times because of the uneven adjustment of the display in the frame. This can lead to the light leaking out of the edges. To fix it, you just need to loosen the screws of the frame and adjust the alignment of the display accordingly.

3. Apply Electrical Tape on the Edges

Thirdly, when the light leaks out from the edges, the possible reason could be the fault in the adjustment of the frame. Instead of opening the whole setting, you can go for a simple solution to fix this issue.

That is, to make insulation by using simple electrical tape. Just take the tape and apply it on the edges to restrict the light from escaping the edges.

4. Use a Microfiber Cloth on the Bleeding Spots

Apart from that, you might observe that there is no fault in the frame, yet the backlight bleeds from the edges. The reason behind this can be dust and grease that accumulates on the frame to make the light fall out of it. So in order to avoid this, you can simply use a microfiber cloth to dust off the grease and dust.

5. Adjust your Lighting

If you are using your monitor while sitting in a dark room then the most easiest and possible way to get rid of the problem is to get yourself seated in a lighted room. This will reduce the brightness and hence clear the vision to the maximum extent.

6. Change the Display

Lastly, if you fail to resolve the problem by applying all the above-given solutions, then the final thing that you can do to get rid of the problem is to change the display. For that, it is recommended to first contact the manufacturers and get it replaced from there instead of reaching out to other sources.


  1. Is backlight bleed a defect?

    No, backlight bleed is not a serious problem, and most of the time it is not visible to everyone. Moreover, if you sit in a lighted room, you will not be able to even figure it out. What you need to do is just check the monitor thoroughly while buying it and identify all the pros and cons of the device before bringing it home.

  2. How do you fix a backlight bleed?

    Though many ways can help you get rid of the problem, the handiest solution is to loosen the extra tightened screws to make the light fall on the display evenly. Moreover, you can clean the frame with a microfiber cloth to dust of the grease and dust that accumulates on it and causes the problem.

  3. What is screen bleeding in a laptop?

    The backlight bleed is caused when the light that has to fall on the display escapes out from the edges of the screen. At the back of your screen, there is a light panel that throws light on the display to create different images. When, due to some reasons, the display does not block the unnecessary light, it falls out from the edge and causes the problem.

Final Words

So this was all about what backlight bleed is, and what are the possible solutions to avoid this issue. Several reasons lead to the problem but it is not a serious one that can’t be fixed.

You can get rid of the problem by applying simple solutions. We hope that you find this piece of information helpful in many ways!

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