What is VSync in Minecraft? [Everything Explained]

Minecraft, as we all know, is a real-time game that enables its players to show immense creativity because what you do in Minecraft is pretty much up to you. Whether you create empires or whatever structures with the resources you find in that game.

So it all comes down to the quality graphics equipment and vibrant display combination. And once you get into this thing, you’ll come across the VSync settings in your game, as everything goes side-by-side.

So what is VSync in Minecraft? In order to give a one-liner, VSync is a graphical setting in the game, which reduces screen-tearing to the maximum extent. In addition to that, it eliminates interruption, hence giving you vivid gameplay.

With that being said, let’s get down to its details and find out what important facts are to be talked about in this discussion. And to do so, we have jotted down a basic overview of VSync, following it with the importance of this setting, and a how-to manual regarding its operation in the end.

So let’s not wait for another minute and get it started:

What is VSync in Games?


As to have an overview of what’s generally VSync in a game, it’s the synchronization process of the frame rate of a game to the refresh rate of a monitor or display. It stands for Vertical Synchronization, mainly responsible for loading the screen all at once.

This graphics technology helps you have a smooth, tear-free, and uninterrupted gameplay for all kinds of graphics-intensive games, by simply synchronizing the FPS and refresh rate.

Should I Keep VSync Minecraft On or Off?

Here we are going to discuss all the nitty-gritty related to the usage of this tech feature while gaming. Generally speaking, VSync-ing mainly depends on the GPU power and potential while matching the refresh rate of the display.

Now in order to highlight the usefulness of this graphics technology, it’s of utmost importance to mention the advantages and disadvantages of using this in your games. On that note, let’s get down to its details:

Benefits of Using Vsync in Minecraft

While you have Vsync enabled in your game, you get to have the advantage of smooth and uninterrupted gameplay. It increases the frames per second (FPS) rate of the display by up to 60 Hz.

This, in fact, renders consistent frames and thus, less ripping of the screen. So now you can enjoy an immersive game-time with high responsiveness.

Downsides of Vsync in Minecraft

One of the major downsides of Vsync in Minecraft is that it causes input lag. By this, we mean that it can cause a lag in the performance of the input devices like mouse clicks and keystrokes. Hence it can alter a bit of your gaming.

Other than that, people say that it causes GPU to wear out real-quick. Well, that is absolutely not the case. However, if you still get to see torn screen after Vsync on, then your GPU isn’t up-to-mark to handle 60 FPS.

Now you must be wondering whether to keep it on or off. Well, it completely depends on your preference as some of the gamers find it useful only when there is a need. And others prefer to have it on as they believe it’s a fantastic thing to have smooth gameplay. Also, they come up with different solutions to input lag as well.

How to Turn off VSync in Minecraft?

There are a couple of ways that you can use to turn the VSync off for all kinds of PC games, including Minecraft. Now in order to disable it all at once, you need to follow the procedure mentioned below:

For NVIDIA Graphics Card


Go to the NVIDIA control panel and tap on the option Manage 3DSettings. Find it anywhere on the left side.

Nvidia Control Panel Manage 3D Settings


Now locate the Vertical Sync option under “I would like to use the following 3D settings”.


Tap on the Force Stop or Disable option and there you go with no VSync-ing occurring in your games anymore.


Not having an NVIDIA graphics card? Not a problem! We have mentioned a guide to disable VSync in AMD processors as well. Keep reading and you’ll find how to turn off VSync in an AMD graphics card.

For AMD Graphics Card


Click the Start button and type “Catalyst control center” in the Windows search bar.


Hit the Gaming option there and scroll down to the “Wait for vertical refresh” option under the 3D Application Settings column.


Slide down to locate ‘Performance’ where you can tap on the “Always Off” button.


You’re good to go!

However, if you are still unable to turn off Vsync while playing Minecraft, you can go to the game settings, in order to deactivate it by following the upcoming steps:

Go to the options in the game and find Video Settings down below. Click to open the video settings, where you’ll see Vsync on/off option right below Smooth Lighting. Tap on that to either turn it on or off as per your preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it better to have VSync on or off?

Well, it completely depends on the situation. If your monitor is not capable of displaying enough frame rates your GPU is producing, then it’s better to keep it on. However, if the frame rate per second of your game is lower than the display’s refresh rate, then better keep it turned off.

Does turning off VSync improve FPS?

VSync is effective in keeping the FPS static to the Hz you have on your monitor. So suppose if it was at 60 Hz, the turning off VSync will lock the FPS rate at 60. Turns out, that it won’t increase the FPS rate but it’ll keep that at a number, which is good enough to have a better experience of gaming.

Is higher VSync better?

With the increase in the computer’s refresh rate, problems like screen-tearing will show up. So in order to avoid such things, you need to keep VSync on as it will synchronize with the refresh rates of your display.

However, if the VSync is over the FPS rate of your screen, then it will cause a kind of input lag. So in order to avoid this performance drop, you better keep it turned off, once it’s over the required rate.

Final Verdict

So here we wrap up with our discussion on what is Vsync in Minecraft and how does it impact the overall performance.

By now, you must have become known to all the elements that play a part in this procedure. So with that said, I leave the decision on you as to what settings you opt for your game: either Vsync enabled or disabled.

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