What Monitor Does Shroud Use? Let’s Find Out!

The streaming superstar Michael Grzesiek, with his gaming name Shroud, has been the official leading PUBG player, after retiring as a champion of CS: GO in the past.

Shroud is a maestro in the gaming industry with his super precise aiming techniques and next-level response time.

So it brings us to the question that what gaming setup, or more precisely, what monitor does Shroud uses. Guess what? It is none other than the Alienware 27 Gaming Monitor!


With some of the magnificent pieces of gaming gear by the side, Shroud manages to make the finest of gaming shots with this super-excellent monitor as well.

On that note, it’s high time that we get down and explore the remarkable features of this gaming monitor, which is the current favorite of Shroud.

With that said, let’s get started:

Alienware 27 Gaming Monitor – Shroud’s Best Display Choice

Alienware 27 Gaming Monitor Aw2721D

Alienware is a giant in the gaming computer market, which is known for its durable and heavy-duty manufacturing of gaming gear. In a similar context, the new and amazing, Alienware 27 gaming monitor has got the attention of the top streamers like Shroud, which speaks of its exceptionality.

It has a sleek and straightforward design with no curved ends, which is quite unusual. But still, some people like gaming monitors this way. Apart from that, the fully adjustable stand of this monitor gives it a firm standing, along with tremendous versatility.

So with that being said, let’s take a look at its other notable features that are listed down below:

Alienware 27 Gaming Features and Specs

Screen Size and Resolution of the Monitor:

Alienware Aw2721D Screen Resolution

The first and foremost thing to mention about the Alienware 27-inch monitor is its screen size and resolution. The monitor displays at a 2560 x 1440 pixels maximum resolution power, which delivers excellent images.

Adding to this, the screen size of up to 27 inches makes it quite a wider display.

1ms Response Time

Response time often matters the most in gaming as non-syncing of the GPU and monitor are not always the cause behind screen tearing. It happens at times that the time span, which any command takes to load, can be extensive enough to result in screen-tears.

So that’s where the response time of any monitor comes in to action. Shroud’s choice takes 1ms of response time, which feels literally nothing!

Responsive Refresh Rate

Coming to the responsive refresh rate of the monitor, it is up to 240 Hz in total. This is pretty much enough to render any kind of heavy-duty game, hence making it up to be the best pick of the world’s famous streamer and professional gamer.

NVIDIA Gsync Technology

Alienware Aw2721D G Sync

Here comes one of the amazing things about Shroud’s top-choice, the NVIDIA GSync tech monitor. It features this heavy-duty, task-efficient technology that has a built-in capacity to eliminate screen tearing.

That’s right! GSync monitors are considered to be the most relevant replacement to the monitors that are unable to deal with screen tearing. Having said that, it requires HDMI or DisplayPort active on the PC in order to keep the connection smooth.

Meant for Professionals

Alienware introduces one of its best crafts in the shape of this high-quality monitor. Besides the next-level features, it shows up in an amazing design that looks way too good yet durable enough to last long.

Height and Tilt Adjustable

Alienware Aw2721D Height And Tilt Adjustability

Another important aspect of this top-tier gaming monitor is its height and tilt adjustability option.

This adds to the effortless usage of the display along with gamer-friendly features.

That must the reason Shroud has opted for this beast among all the other leading monitors.

Customizable On-Screen Display

A flicker-free screen with advanced ComfortView technology delivers a vibrant display. In addition to that, numerous gamer-centric options offer a number of display settings, so that they can be personalized.

Hence, shroud’s monitor pick checks the on-screen display customizability as well!

Numerous Connectivity Ports:

Alienware Aw2721D Connectivity Ports

Versatile connectivity in gaming gear is one of the essentials as they boost productivity like anything. With that being said, having a lot of different ports can help in connecting different peripherals with the monitor.

So turns out that Alienware 27 ensures versatile and effortless connectivity with external devices.

What are the Reasons Shroud Uses Alienware 27 Gaming Computer

The monitor offers an enormous refresh rate with a high response time that can reduce lagging and screen tearing to the lowest:

Following are the reasons why Shroud uses Alienware 27:

  • Due to its versatile adjustability
  • Wide and vibrant display
  • Maximum screen resolution
  • Stability and tilting ability

Breakdown of Technical Specs:

Down below is the breakdown of technical specifications of the Alienware 27 Gaming Monitor:

Tech Specs

Screen Size27 inches
Maximum Preset Resolution2560 x 1440 pixels
Refresh Rate240Hz
Response Time1ms
G-SYNC SupportNvidia Gsync
AdjustabilityTilt, swivel, adjustable

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shroud’s real name?

Shroud’s real name is Michael Grzesiek. He is a polish-Canadian by origin and is currently living in California, USA. He is a full-time Youtuber and Streamer with almost 6.79 subscribers on YT.

What Hz does Shroud play on?

Normally, Shroud plays on 144 Hz, however, in case if there is a need, then it increases by up to 240 Hz and so.

Why is Shroud so famous?

Shroud is known for his brilliant performance in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game by securing the title. Apart from that, his precise and perfect aims during the game have made him stand out among other pro-gamers.

Final Takeaways: What Monitor Does shroud Use?

Shroud is using a premium quality gaming monitor for his regular streams, which is Alienware AW2721D. This top-notch monitor delivers utmost performance that can facilitate a pro-gamer like Shroud to the maximum extent.

It’s a highly durable, strong-build monitor that features the most exceptional GSync function. With this, screen tearing, input lag, and other minor problems can be brought to zero.

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